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I have never tried any Tea Forte products but I absolutley love the look of their infuser bags and their wooden chest with tea bags in it.

Just wondering if anyone has tried their teas, and if so, what did you think?


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Babble said

Aww.. I think you just missed a free sample offer from them that they had on their Facebook page. Definitely friend them on Facebook as they have them from time to time. As for their teas? Eh… I wasn’t too impressed with any of the ones that I tried, but they do have some unique flavors.

I can’t help my curiosity! To be honest, I think its because of the adorable pyramid bags lol.

I’ve tried quite a few of their different offerings. Some of their teas are better than others … my advise would be to steer clear of their fruit tisanes, which are heavily laden with hibiscus, unless you like hibiscus, that is.

I have their kashi(sp?) system teacup and a tin of loose leaf Darjeeling and I love them both. Their customer service is also excellent. That’s the only purchase I have from them. But I think their loose tea is a much better deal than their teabags or tea pouches in terms of price/# of servings per unit.

I agree and the loose tea tastes better than their pretty sachets too. If you want the pretty elegance … the sachets are alright, but if you want flavor, go with their loose tea.

Lynxiebrat said

My dad had gotten a Tea Forte box, with like 5-7 different teas in them, while he does like tea, he prefers bagged, so when I started getting into loose tea, he said I could use them. I tried like 3 different kinds and didn’t like any of them. I didn’t even think they were drinkable.

I’m not really a fan of theirs either. If you like pyramid bags, Harney & Sons have pyramid bags and I like their teas a lot better.

Azzrian said

I love their Kati cups but other than that the tea itself was alright. Not bad at all just not that flavorful.
I only tried two of their flavors though.
Again not BAD just not GREAT. Both of mine were loose leaf.

Azzrian said

If anyone wants it – I have a 10.00 off code for a 30 or more purchase!

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