Verdant Tea: Mrs. Li's Private Reserve Dragonwell Giveaway.

Thanks to everyone who made Mrs. Li’s Dragonwell such a hit. She is glad to know that her tea is being so thoroughly enjoyed. When Mrs. Li sent me the 10 pound box of Dragonwell, she was kind enough to include a few samples of Dragonwell from her limited (too small to import) harvests. These incredible, rare samples represent the pinnacle of Mrs. Li’s art as a farmer.

I decided that the only fair thing to do was to host a giveaway. The winner will get five 7g samples from Mrs. Li’s private reserve. They will be shipped and labeled with numbers, and a sealed enveloped with a key to which number is which grade, giving the lucky winner the chance to get a Dragonwell education and taste the teas without knowing price first. Some of these would be $100+ an ounce if they were ever imported.

To sign up, you use your email or Facebook. You can earn extra entries by helping us spread the word about our unique sourcing projects on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc.

Good luck to everyone who enters!

Details here:

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Babble said

How cool.

Also, do you think the Dragonwell will be back in stock before the end of the year? I missed out on it the first time :(

Hi Rachel,
I am working on a mid-November release for Mrs. Li’s Dragonwell, if she is willing to sell me anymore. I don’t want to ask too soon for fear of not sounding appreciative for her generosity the first time. Fingers crossed, the tea will be back before the Holiday season gears up.

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JasonCT said

Thanks for the great offer!

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Hi David: I just did all the things that you listed to earn additional entries. I’ve tweeted, I even tweeted the link to the contest, I’ve already been following you with my twitter account for SororiTea Sisters, Hungry in Portland and now I follow you with my LiberTEAS twitter account (mind you, I’m VERY seldom on that account!) and I did all the facebook and pinterest things… Just… give me the prize. LOL! :)

Azzrian said


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Azzrian said

Entered as well thank you.

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mrmopar said

got it liked on facebook!

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Liberteas, I did all that stuff too! I’ll arm wrestle you for it!

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