Tea storage?

I have 4 different kinds of tea and I’m storing them in air-tight glass jars (tea looks really cool in them). I’m trying to find a place to put all of my tea stuff. I have a window sill that has shelves in it, would they be ok on those shelves? I hear tea should stay faaaar away from sun but i don’t know if that applies to it when they’re in air tight containers?

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Aiko said

Light, sunlight especially, is sadly an enemy of tea, no matter how tightly sealed. It’s a shame too, because some tea is so pretty you just want to display it!

Supposedly you can get a certain kind of glass or plastic that shields the contents from UV rays, making it apparently safe for tea-display, but personally I’ve always been a bit too skeptical to try it. If anyone has more info/science on this matter, I’d love to hear it.

Zoltar said

Adagio do have a kind of glass that they say protect from UV light http://www.adagio.com/teaware/glass_jar.html maybe someone here have tried them because i would really like to know if they work or not they say it made of Borosilicate which seem to be use a lot in Uv protected jar but i’m like you and kinda skeptical

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mrmopar said

far away from the sun and airtight and cool temps. you might want to spray paint the jars or at least the part that may see sun to protect it.

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Uniquity said

Especially if they’re in glass containers, the window would be a bad idea unless you have an extremely quick turnover.

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