parula321 said

electric kettle, bpa free (no plastic), is adjustable and is affordable.

Too much to ask? Lol! At least adjustable enough for green tea (195) I originally was going to go with one of these
However I just found out it is not temp controllable. :(

Thanks in advance for any ideas!

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WtFGoD said

look at the kamjove kettles? or just get one that isnt all metal. the one i have has silicone touching the water. not sure if there are any health concerns there, but i dont think so.

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Zoltar said

i know you say no plastic but lot of plastic are bpa free now i use Salton Mp-1206 ( i can’t give the link since i don’t know why the link never work ) adjustable from 70celsius to boiling so ok for green tea and black tea ( and anything between ) take a little time to know which adjustment do what temp but once that is understand it work really good and cost only 15$ at Walmart ( at least at mine in Canada) it is BPA i have communicate with them directly since i could not find that info on my own )

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