UPDATE: Free Tea Giveaway!

UPDATE: A winner has been selected. Check out the announcement to see who won: http://thepurrfectcup.com/2012/10/22/free-tea-giveaway-winner-announced/

While I am not a company…I do run a tea blog and I’m giving away some free tea samples!

I’ve recently changed things up on my blog. New design, layout, new domain name, AND soon an e-newsletter! All I want you to do is sign up for the e-newsletter (found right under the subscribe/follow icons)! It is that simple.

I would also love you to get your friends to do the same. If you do I’ll give you another entry for the free tea samples! But how will you know my friend entered? Simple have them sign up for the newsletter and comment below that {your name} sent me! It really could not be easier. Plus free tea!

If you have any questions please ask! Follow the link below for all the details. The giveaway is open to anyone world wide!


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Azzrian said

I think I already follow your blog but I will go double check!

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Great! But you should see a place to sign up for the newsletter (off to the right of the post) and that’s what will get you an entry. :)

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Azzrian said

Nope I guess not but you are totally followed now and I subscribed. Nice blog design!

Thank you. I’m still working on improving/adding more content etc.

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Sare said

I started !! On the blog and on Fb!! :) cant wait to read it !

Aww thank you. There are older posts too. Back to 2011 I think! Thank you for the follows!

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I subscribed! :) I love the new look to your blog. Very nice!

Thank you! I’m glad to know more people read it…besides my mom. I mean she has to right? LOL!

Ha! I doubt anyone from my family reads my blog(s). My daughters don’t spend their time online reading blogs, I know my hubby occasionally reads it, but, I’m a bit more prolific with my writing than he is with his reading of blogs … as for the rest of my family, I’m not close with them and I doubt they even know about my blogs. Much less anything else about me.

I know my mom and husband do because they will sometimes mention or ask me about something I wrote about…but they never comment on the actual blog.

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Subscribed, yay!

Thank you!

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DaisyChubb said

Love the new look & colours! I looove blog redesigns – it makes me itch to redo mine too!

Subscribed :)

Thanks! Are you kidding?? I’m really jealous of your design and colors! I have to comment more when I read yours…lots of great content!

She has an awesome blog. I don’t comment a lot when I’m there, but, I do read often.

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Of course I subscribed. :) Also great new layout.

Thank Peter for that! :) We will be making some changes here and there…but I’m on my way and much happier with the look/feel of things. Thanks for subscribing too! I have to make sure I am signed up for yours!

I have considered changing the design of the SororiTea Sisters blog, but, somehow… I just can’t bring myself to do it. I love that blog design. It seems to just fit the SororiTea Sisters … it seems to say “SororiTea Sisters” … it’s like our fourth SororiTea Sister. :)

I have to agree with you. Your blog is the perfect design for you sisters. :) I was looking at that one when I first started the tea blog and knew it wasn’t for me when I saw what you did with it. :)

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Sil select said

Subscribed! Looking good!

Thank you!!

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Nik select said

Subscribed. =)


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