Coffee Replacements

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Lipton’s Vanilla Caramel Truffle is a pretty coffee-like, delicious tea.

Cofftea said

I’m really not a bagged tea drinker, but I just may need to put that on my “to have in emergencies” list. I love the combo of vanilla and caramel.

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Joker said

About twice a week (am) I drink home ground whole bean coffee. I avoid the big can brands like death. Folgers and such are undrinkable. I prefer a bright floral Central/South American, bold fruity Kenyan or earthy spicey Sumatran. My favorite coffee roasters are< & . Starbucks/Charbucks is way over rated and over roasted! Always have coffee with creamer and sweetener. Now tea I drink every day all through the day. With tea I never use creamer and only sometimes sweetener. I just find that tea and coffee meet very different taste needs for me. I remember Postum coffee substitute, hated it. Don’t like chicory in my coffee either.

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Ochabito said

Have you tried Orzo? Not the pasta. It’s a roasted barley tea from Italy. The kids there drink it instead of espresso. It almost tastes like coffee and has 0 caffeine. You can get orzo from Lupicia Fresh Tea. The Caramel & Honey one is my favorite so far and I noticed they had a new Cioccolata one too. Chocolate and hazel nut, can’t wait to try that one. It looks like coffee but you can brew it like tea.

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