Babble said

Teavana Yixing Tumblers

So, Teavana has a 30% sale going on, and one of the things they’re discounting are their yixing tumblers. Has anyone used one of them before? Portability isn’t a huge factor for me, but they seem super convenient. But I don’t know how they compare to a true quality yixing.

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mrmopar said

we have one we use just for chai. we seasoned it and use it a lot in cool weather. it has a pretty fine mesh filter in it. i don’t know what the cost is on one from teavana, i scored mine on eday for 19 bucks

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This one isn’t from Teavana but I offer a Yixing Tumber on only thing is I’ve only got one more left for sale.

I personally love it as have others that I know have purchased it and shared their stories. It is really neat. Check it out, I’ve put a link above for it. :)

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Bonnie said

I have one that I bought at Happy Luckys and even not on sale it’s $16.95 (so if yours is more on sale you can understand the mark-up).
I use mine for Pu-erh on the run.

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