How many cups of tea do you drink a day?

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Not enough? Tea keeps piling up that I need to drink? Maybe I just get too many teas!

I drink usually around 6 cups of caffeinated teas a day (range of about 4 to 8). Around 1-3 non caffeinated ones at night. I don’t drink juice or soda.

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lteg select said

Not long ago I really didn’t drink much tea: a cup or two during the day and maybe one before bed, but that number has really risen in the last couple weeks. As I’ve come more into contact with nice unflavored blacks and oolong teas that taste just as good after 4 or more steepings I’ve been having a lot more tea. The average workday for me is about 6-8 16oz mugs a day lately. Weekends vary widely depending on what I’ve got occupying my time. Keeping good teas with me all day long has kept me away from less healthy beverage choices, so I’m glad for the change even if it does seem like an excessive amount of tea when I really count it out!

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Barbara said

As most people I drink about 1,5 to 2 liters of fluids a day. I may drink a soda once or twice a week and wine or bear once or twice a month, but other than that I only drink coffee and tea (except when walking long distances (25-40 km), when I drink water).

At present during the week about 85% and in de weekend about 95% of my consumption consists of tea, but there are times when it may be 100% or just 25%, mainly depending on deadlines I may have to meet and the level of sleep deprevation. The outside temperature isn’t really of influence. Generally I drink just as much (hot) tea during the winter as summer.

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Fjellrev said

If I’m home all day, I’ll easily drink 6-8 cups. When I have class, I usually end up consuming 4-6 cups, depending. I seriously need to get more water in though. Been getting caffeine headaches at times.

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RiverTea said

At least 4. I am a real tea addict!

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Is it odd that I like drinking rooibos until I fall asleep?

That will sometimes give me two extra cups.

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Sammerz314 said

By a cup, are we referring to the unit of measurement? I usually drink from a 30ml tasting cup. I usually consume over 15 “cups” a day LOL! Of course, this is only about 2.5 standard cups a day (assuming my math is correct)

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graciezoe said

I drink 4-5 8oz. cups of white or green a day at work. At night I drink, usually 2 cups of Rooibos.

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Anyanka said

Midmorning: One hot 12 ounce mug of English breakfast or similar bagged brew.
Afternoon: 32 ounces chilled made up of the previous night’s second steeping diluted with some water.
Evening: 12-24 ounces hot loose leaf.
So, um, roughly 10 six oz. teacups or 8 eight oz. measuring cups. That’s a lot. And I start the day off with coffee. I might need to reconsider the insane amount of caffeine I’m taking in. Wowza.

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