linnaete said

New here, thought I would lurk but...

Hey everyone! I found your site “by accident” while searching for teas to buy. I used to get boxes of tea at the grocery store, until I found the wonderful world of loose tea online. I bought a bunch of sampler packs from Adagio, a Teavana tea steeper/thermos, and the Breville tea maker. (My husband is the best when it comes to my splurges!)

I was just going to browse your site and some reviews, but now it seems I’ve kind of found myself in a predicament. Way too many websites that have interesting teas! I’m going to go broke! Adagio introduced me to Oolong and Mate, which I enjoy. I also love herbal teas, green, white (although many of theirs are too delicate for me I think – I’m usually in a ‘bolder’ mood). I’ve read lots of things about matcha and pu’erh which I’d LOVE to try! Never even heard of pu’erh until today, on this site.

This all started when I thought I could find a site that had larger/bulk teas so I could save some money once my Adagio samplers were out. I found Monterey Bay Spice Co. but they’re west coast and shipping was pretty high. I tried searching for east coast… and that’s how I ended up here! Phew! Sorry for being so long winded but I just had to share and say hi. Especially after showing my husband a post I found on here about people comparing tea tins and buying them in bulk. I showed him the post/pics and yelled, “see! I’m not the only one!” Hahaha!

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Sil select said

Welcome to our community!

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Claire said

Welcome to Steepster linnaete! :)

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Nik select said

Welcome to the family! Yes, you will go broke. Really, you should probably just resign yourself to that fact. However, the journey from here to there will be wonderful. =) Not only will you find some really fantastic tea vendors here with unique, mouth-watering blends, but you’ll also find opportunities to swap tea with other community members, score free samples from bloggers and tea vendors, special promotions and sales, etc.

Glad you found us! =)

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charab said

Welcome! I had the same feeling when I joined this community just a short time ago, also ending here by accident. Never felt happier. I hope you’ll enjoy your time as much as I do! <3

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mrmopar said

welcome i joined in august a great place. pu-erh is a bit different. takes a bit of getting used to. we all swap samples on here also don’t be shy to ask.

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Uniquity said

Check out Teavivres free tea tasting activity if you want to get a deal on trying some new teas – Steepster unfortunately lends itself to making you want lots of tea. If you like David’s Tea and are in USA or Canada, they have five dollar shipping and lots of fun flavours. I’ve never had Adagio because their shipping to Canada is nuts but I’m glad you’ve got lots to enjoy! Happy tea :)

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Hi! Welcome to Steepster! Try not to let us influence you into buying too much tea. :) That said, Upton has good quality teas you can buy in bulk. See this link for some of Upton’s best rated teas:

Have fun!

I was going to suggest them too! Great minds!

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Zoltar said

The other have already said everything so i keep it simple Welcome ! and you will be broke lol we all are :( we want everything we see :P and there is so much choice

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Welcome! My wallet has not been the same since I found Steepster! So much tea, so little time!

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Azzrian said

Welcome to steepster – let this be your only warning – RUN before you end up like the rest of us smothering under piles and piles of tea! :)
Okay please stay …. we are a friendly bunch and I am sure you will get to know some of us and can do tea trades and discover far more tea places to buy from :)

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