Want to try getting into green tea, no clue where to start.

When I was a kid, I vaguely remember liking the cheap bagged Lipton green tea, drinking tons of it whenever I had a cold. I’ve tried it since, and a different flavored green tea, and just…gah.

Can’t get into it. I’m wondering if these ones I’ve tried have just sucked, and there’s some unbelievably good one out there I would like, or if I just flat out dislike the stuff.

The crappy catch is that I can only drink decaf, too. Hypersensitive to caffeine, oh so conveniently.

So, do any of you guys have any suggestions? Bagged or loose, as long as its decaf, and not terrifyingly expensive, I’d love some ideas.

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Hmm, before throwing out recommendations, can I ask how you brew your green teas? A lot of people don’t like greens or whites because they don’t brew them properly. It needs a lower temp and shorter steep time than blacks.

…not that I have many recommendations. :P I’d rather have a good cup of tea and get a caffeine headache than drink a mediocre cup. Many tea sellers will only decaffeinate “safe” flavors that are sure to sell well since the decaf market is smaller. A lot of tea sellers don’t have any decaf greens at all, only one of two blacks. :( Adagio, being a larger tea retailer, has a sampler that seems to be well rated.


Lupicia has some great teas. I haven’t tried any of their decaf stuff, but here’s a link to their low/non-caffeine section:


Looks like none of it is green tea, but the decaf blacks sound amazing!

Good luck!

Honestly, I haven’t tried one in aaaages. I drank it semi-recently when a friend made it I think would’ve been the last time. I had that issue with whites for a while, being a total idiot and not brewing it right, and its definitely better done right (still low on my list because I don’t care for the superlight flavor).

If it was just headaches, I’d totally take the risk, but I have severe anxiety issues that caffeine exacerbates into ridiculously bad panic attack/seizures. I’m bookmarking both links, just about everything on the Lupicia looks fantastic.

Uniquity said

Is there any chance you are a friend of mine who is a coffee addict masquerading as a tea drinker? He has food related anxiety which spikes when he has too much caffeine – although of course once he is in panic mode he doesn’t want to believe the caffeine did it, so we spend half a day talking him down until he’s calm enough to listen to reason.

Heh, a few years ago I could’ve been, I used to be the guy who couldn’t function without two cups a day minimum, tacked onto the end of a few Monsters. NOTHING makes sense in panic mode unfortunately, its like the ‘logic’ switch just gets flicked right off.

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Like Mercury said, greens need special care. Ie. Lower water temp and shorter steep time.

I’m not generally a fan of unflavoured teas of any kind, however ive recently has The Sleeping Bear Blend from Whispering Pines. It’s quite exquisite.

For flavoured greens as an iced tea I love DAVIDsTEA Lime Gelato. And hot I like hot Tobogan.

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