Glass Teapot Grumble

And it is now time for me to buy another new teapot since my new glass one just broke.
Does anyone else refuse to bow to logic and buy glass teapots?
I love seeing the color of the tea and I like my tea cooler so glass would be perfect… if everyone around me wasn’t accident prone and if the kittens weren’t possessed by demon spirits that make them fly across the counter at night :(

If I weren’t going to get a glass one this time and my budget is ~ $75 or less, does anyone have any recommendations? I like a teapot where I can can easily brew as little as two cups and have the tea still have room in the infuser. The most I brew at a time is 4 cups.

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Sil select said

I go with glass cups instead of the tea pot since they’re cheaper heh

Totally not the answer to your question lol sorry tired tonight hah

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I have the Amsterdam teacup from English Tea Store – it’s ceramic, and it’s been fairly sturdy so far (although I’ve lost a teacup and saucer, but those fell quite a distance onto tile). The two-cup size is great – it fills ~4 of the Amsterdam teacups, or two mugs. I haven’t tried the six-cup though. But it is REALLY cheap, and they have a TON of colors to choose from. (Mine’s Rose).

Azzrian said

I have this too and LOVE it! I got the sahara color and considering one for my son’s GF for Christmas as well. They are really affordable and sturdy!

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If you’re just looking for a straight up tea pot… I’d go with a chatsford. They’re ceramic so a little more durable, and I never had a problem with mine. I’d probably still be using it if I did not have my Breville One-Touch.

Another option would be the smart brewing device like this one: I used one of these also before I got my breville, and I still do use it for chai teas and stronger flavors that I don’t want to taint my Breville.

oh… another nice thing about these smart tea makers is that you can watch your tea brew. :)

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darby select said

I only use my glass one for blooming teas and special occasions with friends.
My go to pots are beehouse. They sell them online at TeaSource and Teavana in beautiful colors.

Azzrian said

I only use mine for blooming teas as well but mind you Im on my third one just for that alone! LOL

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Uniquity said

I have a glass teapot and a number of glass mugs – So far I’ve only winged off one glass and my pot is still going strong. I prefer to use my Bubble teapot from Davids Tea though and use nice mugs to hold the steeped liquor afterward, as Sil suggested. Here’s a link to the bubble teapot if you’re interested – it’s apparently only $20 now. I hate that I paid more than that a year ago! : ) I think there is also a larger size one on the site somewhere.

The bubble teacups that go with it are also awesome. I have two sets of the ceramic ones and one set of the double walled glass ones. They’re adorable and great for a smaller cup of tea.

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teevogel said

I have two glass teapots and most days, I use them more than once. I used to own another one but turned it because the metal infuser lost its handle and got to hot to hold without. With none of those three did I ever had to replace the main glass part, even though in the Miko glass teapot, the infuser is also glass. It does have its third lid by now, though^^

I guess I’m just lucky, to never have the pot or the infuser break.

As for the actual question, if not glass then from my point of view the next best thing would be porcelain – but that’s still breakable, as is any ceramic.
Stainless steel isn’t breakable, but might also not be completely neutral tastewise, if it’s the material of your pot rather than just the kettle.
So to actually solve the problem: How about the Cosy teapot: – it’s ceramic on the inside, but stainless steel on the outside, and can be taken apart for cleaning. The extra layers are meant for insulation, but they should also be able to provide some protection for the ceramic innards if the pot gets thrown off the counter.

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I love glass teapots, the one I have right now I have had for years but is a lot bigger than what you’re looking for:

I’m looking to get a new one and this one seems to be a nice small one with a large brew basket:

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