Issues with Customs Fees on US to Canada Tea Orders?

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Kittenna said

I’m in Canada, and have ordered a couple times from 52teas, 3 times from Verdant Tea, and also from both Butiki and iHeartTeas with no problems. And a few of those orders were worth over $60 (I may have been lucky?) I am worried about ordering non-tea items from websites though, as those may not be exempt (e.g. infusers, teapots). I’ve also received tea from Singapore, China, and Taiwan with no problems.

Helena said

I’ve decided to say damn my budget and order from 52teas soon as I want to try the Monkey Fart… the name is funny but the description sounds sooo good.

missPrizm said

Thanks for the suggestions Kittenna. I’ll do some monitor shopping!

Yes, I have ordered from 52teas and Verdant both with no trouble either, but I keep all orders below $40 out of nervousness.

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mrmopar said

have you tried an ebay seller called meteaman it think? he is located in canada and has a shop there some where i think. if you want i can try to forward you a link for one of his listings. if interested send me your email and i will try to send you a link. he has a pretty good selection i bought some scottish break fast off him recently and it is good tea.

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Kally Tea said

Kally Tea recently opened shipping into Canada and had not previously supported shipping there due to the excessive paperwork as well as the shipping/duty costs related to any size shipment (we ship exclusively via FedEx Smartpost).
Having discussed in depth with the USPS we discovered that there is no additional costs to Canada due to the “Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA)” as there is no additional charges other than the shipping costs. Although Kally Tea can not ship FedEx or UPS as those companies shipping procedures are very excessive.
TeaFrog (hats off to you) is absolutely correct, ship via the country of origin Fed postal service and should be fine.
Needless to say, we ship to Canada with the same costs as US orders; $6.00 flat fee and free shipping on orders over $49.00.

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