Hibiscus during Pregnancy

I was just wondering if anyone has had any experience with this during their/others pregnancies. I am almost 20 weeks, and bought two Oolong blends that I thought were fine, turns out they both have Hibiscus in them- which I know to be a no-no during the first trimester… I just keep finding so much conflicting information about the second/third. The rational part of me knows I’m overthinking this, because I’m pretty sure you would need to drink it by the gallon to cause an issue, not the very small portion you would get out of a flavored tea. But, I’m a worrier, and any information would make me feel lots better. (and assure that I don’t sit and pick out all the hibiscus petals from the blends!)

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darby select said

I think you have to go with what you personally believe as there are SO many conflicting answers. I personally just made sure to keep the caffeine low. There were a few herbs I avoided but I don’t remember hibiscus being one of them.

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Uniquity said

I’ve never heard about hibiscus being a no-no, but I’d go with whatever your doctor or medical professional has to say on the topic rather than conflicting answers on the internet. Basically if you’re not comfortable with it, avoid it. : )

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