TeaVivre said

Take TeaVivre survey, get $5 coupon code

Thanks for taking time to participate in our customer survey! And it will help us to continue to serve your needs as well as itself improve. It will take approximately 5-8 minutes to complete. So when you finish this survey you will get $5 coupon code, which you can use it for your future order.

Thanks again for completing this survey!
This is valid until 11/1/2012


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Nik select said

Done. Thanks for the coupon code. =)

TeaVivre said

Thanks for your time to complete this survey!

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Sare said

I did the Survey but im not purchasing

TeaVivre said

Thanks for taking time to finish our survey!

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I’m so excited because of this coupon I couldn’t resist and got the tea set I’ve had my eye on since it became available on the website!

My very first gongfu tea set :

Yayyy! Now I’ll be anxiously awaiting it’s arrival…
I’m so having a tea party when it gets here =)

TeaVivre said

Thanks for purchasing the tea sets, and we will send you the tracking number when we get it from the post office.

Thanks agagin for completing this survey!

I’m so happy I’ve looked at that set at least 3x a week just thinking about what it’d be like to actually have it. I’ve even made my boyfriend look at all the pictures of it twice…

And I’ll finally have it now and be able to have gongfu tea without using my pyrex measuring cups and shot glasses! Hahaha!

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Lucy said

I just did the survey and was trying to use the code combined with points and the halloweentea code but it is not working =(


TeaVivre said

Thanks for completing the svrvey, and it just can use one code with the points.

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