Are these reputable vendors?

I found these on ebay while looking for yixing teapots and was wondering if anyone had any experience with these stores. They are:
If you have had experience, especially with the teapots, what were your impressions.
Thanks and I apologize if any of this is written strangely. I’m still a little medicated for my widom teeth haha

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Whoops I forgot to add

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mrmopar said

the first two look good the third has some negative feed back. if you are looking for yixing try this link 260684961451 (item number on ebay). i have bought five pots from them recently and get them in 3 days max. just be sure to read the description, the ones with a “ball filter” have the best pour ability for me even though i pour through a strainer. they have good pictures of the items they sell and sidebar notes on size, filter type and such. good luck! be sure to season them when you get them. almost forgot they ship usps flat rate boxes but they pack well.

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