Yixing teapot on ebay ? Good or bad idea ?

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I wonder how you can tell that it is Chao Zhou? I have several because I drink a lot of Dan Cong Oolong. Chao Zhou are hand thrown on wheels and all of mine have the characteristic concentric circles in the base but you can’t see them inside the pot in this photo (or at least I couldn’t). Also, the clay for Chao Zhou is from the Phoenix Mountain and has characteristic fine grains in the red clay which is quite noticable in my pots but which I also can’t detect from the photo.

LOL, do I need a new monitor?

Actually after I stuck my nose into the monitor and looked at the photos again, I’ve found that the stamp says “hand thrown by… of Yixing”. So it’s not exactly chaozhou, but made by somebody in Yixing by hand thrown. But the typical yixing clay can’t be hand thrown, so the clay must be blended in someway (with contents same or similar to chaozhou clay) to make it suitable for hand thrown method. So the final product is somewhat shiny and this kind of shiny feature is not found on yixing clay. It’s some new technique tried out by a small group of yixing people but not a mainstream technique, and when this technique is used, the clay is already not typical yixing clay. I think an incentive of this new technique is, one person can do a lot more hand thrown in one day than doing semi-hand-made yixing.

The style of this teapot looks quite chaozhou too. Maybe this is made by somebody who moved from chaozhou to yixing? :-p

It’s not your monitor. The photos are not big enough. I was surprised myself that I could guess out part of the contents in the stamp, and my eyes ache :-p

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Poulpi said

I finally went with this one :
please don’t tell me that the other one was better ;-)

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I hope you will enjoy using it for many years.

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