Sboula said

Traveling tea box?

Hi! Just wondering if there are any traveling tea boxes still running in the US or if anyone wanted to start another one!

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I’d be up for a traveling tea box.

Arby said

I’m in Canada but would love to participate. I’ve got some teas I don’t enjoy but I think others would really like. It would be nice to pass those along to others.

AJRimmer said

I’d enjoy participating as well. Definitely have a lot of spare tea at the moment.

I am game.

Peach said

What is a travelling Tea Box? sounds very exciting

Typically the organizer arranges the participant list in geographical order and the box travels from person to person, where they add/subtract tea from the box. Sometimes tea companies even donate some samples.

AJRimmer said

It would make sense for Arby to be the starting point that way the box only has to pass an international border once.

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