Off to China for Verdant Tea Adventures! What Can I Bring Back for Everyone?

I am on my way back to China to pay homage to all the farmers and other tea friends that inspired me to start Verdant Tea.

From October 25th to November 11th, I will be picking tea in the fields with Mr and Mrs He, tasting pu’er with Wang Yanxin, and exploring Taiwanese tea with Wang Huimin. I will be doing some intensive crash courses in Yixing pottery with the One Word Tea Club, and even sourcing some hand made teawares, and limited edition teas.

I am inviting the Steepster community to join me (virtually) on this trip in a number of ways:

-Every day I will be scouting for awesome tea cups, tea boards and tea pots. If I find something incredible, I will post it to the site and let the first person who wants it reserve it for purchase. I can guarantee that there will be some pretty incredible stuff going up.

-Every day I will be posting video, blog articles, interviews with famers, and pictures. So many of you have tried the teas of Laoshan. This is your chance to ‘explore’ Laoshan Village in real time as I document my travels. As an aside, I am even doing a bit of Qingdao street food documentary work. There will be some awesome recipes posted just for fun.

-Finally, we are doing farmer ‘hangouts’ where I will post profiles, and footage of each farmer or supplier I spend time with. You will be able to message them directly, and through me facilitating as translator, they will be writing back to you!

So… besides all this awesomeness for which I am excited beyond belief, I am doing custom sourcing. If you want something, shoot us an email and let me know. Maybe you have a teapot in mind for a birthday, anniversary, etc? A special pu’er cake? One-of-a-kind cups? While I am in China, I will work to track down anything you request, send you pictures, and work within your budget.

I will be posting updates about the trip on this thread. Our portal for all things China 2012 is here:

I hope that you will follow me on the trip through the site, or our various social media streams. If you have any general sourcing suggestions, also feel free to leave them on this thread. I want your help in determining the future of our tea collection.

Thanks for making this possible!

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darby select said

OH WOW! I can’t wait to see the teaware.

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CupofTree said

Wow that sounds awesome! I love this idea of being included on your travels. Will be watching, and I look forward to seeing the teaware as well!

Thanks CupofTree. I appreciate all the support here on Steepster. Knowing that so many are following this adventure will inspire me to seek out even greater adventures (and teawares).

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Ooh ooh ooh!!!!! How cool!!!! I hope you bring back lots of Yunnan blacks, green oolongs, and anything ultra-special like a yellow tea! I’d take white tea too. Heck, I’d take just about anything! So excited to follow the blog!!

Thanks! Finding an awesome yellow tea will be a fun challenge. I am on it.

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I’ve asked for this before when people have announced a trip to China but nobody ever gets one for me … I want a panda bear. Please. :)

Oh… you mean tea, don’t you? Um… how about a yellow tea? I don’t recall you offering a yellow tea yet, have you?

I want a panda too! But I think I’d prefer a red panda. They don’t get as big. :) As for tea, I think you’ve proven that you already know what you’re doing.

Have fun over there!

cuppaT said

If you ask for a panda bear, better ask for bamboo as well — lots of it. And something to disinfect your furniture with. Cute, but still bears. :o)

We’ll, you know…you could be on to something and would have both – a panda and tea!

See here:

You may have just thought of a new and innovative business opportunity – Portable Panda Poo Tea stand I can see it now, fresh and instant infusions. Just add water, it will immediately begins its brew.

I’m so sorry everyone. Terrible humor. :)

cuppaT said

Fortunately I can’t afford panda poo tea (“Pu-berh”?). I’ll have to stick with wheatgrass juice.

My request for a cute and cuddly panda bear has taken a most unusual and unexpected turn.

It may have taken an unusual and unexpected turn, but it’s also quite humorous!

I second the opinion and insist that panda poo tea should henceforth be referred to far and wide as Pu’Behr.

cuppaT said

Thank you, Melissa. I still think I’ll stick with wheatgrass juice, though — possibly with a plain pu-erh chaser.

Very funny. What about a panda bear tea animal? You won’t need a mountain of bamboo that way. Just tea to feed it. :) Definite yes to yellow tea. I will see what I can track down.

Well, I definitely have enough tea to feed a panda bear. :)

I look forward to what you find with Yellow Tea.

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Sil select said

Really looking forward to this. Hoping to see some nice teaware. Also interested in blacks. Mostly though, just looking forward to being part of the journey indirectly.

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Azzrian said

Yellow tea and a very nice tea table please :) A tea table is my dream item right now :) In sandalwood would be the best! :)

I would also LOVE to see Verdant get a Yellow Tea, too! And I hope the Sororitea Sisters can help you push it! :) hint, hint!

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Azzrian said

Oh and how selfish of me! Have a WONDERFUL time David! :)

Thanks! I might be working with Mr. and Mrs He in Laoshan on a yellow tea in the spring. Very exciting.

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ChaMei select said

Please don’t list anything I want on Oct 27 because I will be at my wedding and it won’t be seemly if I’m on my phone stalking your Steepster posts. I am so excited to follow you on your trip.

Babble said


“Do you take this man to be your…”
NOT NOW, I’m checking Steepster!”

Azzrian said

LOL Hope your day is as beautiful as you dream it to be!

ChaMei select said

Thank you.

Kittenna said

@Rachel – Bahahahahaha!

Congrats ChaMei! Hope everything turns out well for your day!

Rachel, that’s just awesome!

Best wishes!!!! My brother’s getting married the day before you. It’s marriage season! I hope your day is beautiful!

Good time to get married. My wife and I will be celebrating our anniversary at our favorite restaurant in Qingdao on October 29th. No worries about posts on the 27th. The flight takes a day and a half, so that will be my first full day in China. I will probably spend it hiking up Laoshan Mountain with Weiwei, and start meeting up with tea friends on the 28th.

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Mada said

Im so very excited to experience this, what a great idea. I would definitely be intrested in some Gaiwans and Yixing Pottery. As a side note, I just tried the Autumn Harvest Laoshan Green a few moments ago and it was mind blowing to say the least. Happy travels David

Thanks Mada. That Laoshan Green is what really got to me years ago and pushed me onto the path I walk now. Great stuff. Gaiwans and Yixing will definitely be on the agenda.

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cuppaT said

Sounds like a wonderful trip! How nice of you to include us. I don’t know enough about quality teas to request anything special, but watching your website will surely add to my education. Safe journey, sir.

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