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Stephanie said

Just got this today from Shang Tea:

“Save 5% on Entire PurchaseThis month, save 5% on your entire purchase. Simply use the coupon code “freshtea” at checkout to receive the discount!
Offer Expires: Valid Anytime in 2011!"

I’ve been eyeing their Golden Needle King—I’ve read it’s a good substitute for Dawn!


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Dinosara said

This one’s available for another 24 hours: the sample sale site Joss & Main is having an event on tea and accessories from The Tea Spot, including an awesome looking iced tea pitcher.

Here’s an invite to the site if you need one:

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Dinosara said

Harney & Son’s has their latest free shipping on orders over $25
Coupon ICED622
Expires 6/22/11

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Dinosara said

There’s been a real dearth of tea deals on the group-buying sites in the past couple of months. This one popped up today, but it’s a deal you have to be in NYC to do! But I know Radiance is a favorite here at Steepster, so I figured I’d post it anyway.

Tea Tasting Service at Radiance Tea House for $15

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15% at our store with AshaFall15.

Free shipping all day, every day.

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Spot52 select said

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It looks like DeRen Tea is also doing a year end sale:

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I have been watching the sale prices on Teavana’s website and they just increased (I think, today) many of the discounts to 75%! I just bought lots of tea and other accessories. You can also use the code ‘10off50’ for $10 off a $50 purchase (or ‘5off30’ for $5 off $30) and then you get free shipping if the total (after the discount) is over $50. After all of that, my total came out to just over $50. Another thing: the 10% discount for buying 1lb, 15% for 2lbs, and 20% for 5lbs is automatically applied to the teas in your cart (or at checkout); and those weight breakpoints can be met based on the combined weight of any number of teas you buy (i.e 4 oz of this tea, 4 oz of that tea, and 8 oz of another tea, equals a TOTAL of 16 oz, and it takes ANOTHER 10% off). Woo, hoo!

This stuff may sell out fast at these prices (I know they did last year). I’ve already seen many disappear off of the website.

Happy shopping! Oh, and sorry about the wallet thing, all. : – }

Thanks for pointing it out! I have been trying to stay away from sales but this was too hard to resist. I got 340 g of tea for $18 including shipping to Canada so I can’t complain. :)

Tamm said

Yeah I was actually kind of upset b/c I just picked up the matcha set discounted at $35 but now it’s only $17.

That’s frustrating, Tamm! I hate when that happens. Hopefully it was still a good deal.

Tamm said

It was still 1/2 off so I can’t be too mad! :p I would suggest the aurora tumbler. I have one and was half tempted to buy another. They are just beautiful. If anyone likes matcha I’d suggest that set for $17 b/c just the matcha in the set is normally $35 a can.

I was tempted to buy one of the tumblers! They are beautiful. Is it very fragile?

Tamm said

I haven’t had any issues with it yet. It feels pretty solid. I wouldn’t use it for going to school or travel b/c I’m super cautious with it. But it is a great piece for home or the office. I think the one thing I don’t like is that you aren’t supposed to store it with the strainer in it and the top on. So it does take up extra storage space. Other than that I love it!

I’d be careful about expiration dates. I bought a matcha set on sale in the store and I had to go through half of them to find a can of matcha that wasn’t expired.

I was debating ordering, the only two things in my cart being the matcha set…and the aurora tumbler. I read your comments, Tamm, and my fate was sealed. I’ve been interested in matcha and, well, if I don’t like it, I have a friend who will be incredibly grateful. And the tins for $2? Yes, please!

Tamm said

I like the chawan that comes in the matcha set. I’ve been using it for all of my teas. :p I’m actually watching b/c I want some of those sets to go lower than the current price. I’m glad you got the tumbler! It’s sooo pretty. I think that it was more impressive in person than online.

they could go lower, but last year nothing went lower than the base 75% off.

it is interesting to note that it seems like the things that are about to go out of stock, and those things that do go out of stock, get moved to that last page in the list of sale items. If they disappear from the website, then that’s it. but sometimes they will have the items in stock again; you have to watch it closely.

Also, I stumbled upon a code (trying to find a free shipping code Haha) that gets you A free (normally $4) teaspoon… I believe it was F00007. That’s from memory, though so hopefully that’s right!

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Fab.com is having a tea (and coffee) sale right now (sales are limited by time and quantity, 2 days and 12 hours left and one or two things are already sold out). A lot of flowering teas, great looking tea pots, etc.

Link to sale: http://fab.com/sale/2658/

I’m not sure if non-members can actually browse the sale (you have to be a member to buy), but luckily members can invite others.

Invite link: http://fab.com/lkduqt

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I don’t know if anyone has ever tried this before, but Red Leaf Tea seems to have this perpetual “Free Matcha” promotion:

It requires you to buy some matcha first, but their cheapest matcha is on sale right now, 30 grams for $11.99. I got free shipping too, even though I didn’t order the minimum 60 grams. Seems like a good deal since the major part of getting free matcha is all about writing about tea, which I already do a lot of. And then you get free matcha foreverrrr (or until the promotion dies or the company goes out of business from giving away all that matcha). :D I wanted to build my matcha collection anyway, so this seems like a good way to start. :)

I’m super intrigued, but apprehensive haha! Actually free things always make me nervous!

I know what you mean. I have no idea if this is going to work, but at worst, I’ll out of maybe $32, and I’ll have about 60 grams of matcha, assuming I’ll purchase some more matcha at their site later and realize I’m not getting the promised $20. All in all, it’s not so bad. :) But feel to wait and see if it works out for me before you try it. hehe

Update on this deal thing.
I thought for a while that the deal was dead, because it was gone from their site, but they just took it down to update it. So then I did my tasks and emailed them so they could credit me. However, there’s a snag. You have to post a “DoFollow” link with your review. It’s some techie web thing but basically, some sites don’t allow “DoFollow” links because if they do, they attract spammers. Steepster, does not allow “DoFollow” links and I can’t really find a site that does, so I probably won’t be getting my credit for free matcha.

Oh well. At least I learned something! And I still have a tin of matcha at a good price. Not a loss at all, but the deal is hard to get.

Peace out!

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