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Best International Tea (imports S.D. Bell Teas from Belfast)
Save 15% on your order with code WINTER15

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Harney & Son sale @ Rue La La
You’ll need an invite, you can use my invite link: http://www.ruelala.com/invite/qi4pgtor

It looks like you get a $50 voucher for $25.

Is this done now? I don’t see anything on the page for Harney…

yssah said

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Art of Tea sale @ Gilt

You don’t need an invite, but my invite link will get you $25 off your first order (I think): http://www.gilt.com/invite/joshuasbones

I really wish the gift sets had the infuser pictured and not the one in the description.. if it did i’d go for it.

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momo said

I guess Teavana feels bad about not having anything so they are offering 25% off everything, today through Sunday, online and in store. It automatically comes off in your online cart, and a lot of the teas are back on there it seems.

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Just got an email: Teavana’s friends and family sale is happening now through Jan. 27. Save 25% in store and online with code FRIENDS25.

darby select said

THANKS! I needed to order some cups for my mom and almost ordered last night! Thank goodness I waited.


darby select said

Why? I happen to love Teavana teas and ware…doesn’t mean I approve of the way they run their business. I don’t tell you where to shop either.

Cavocorax said

Has anyone bought their tins? I’ve never shopped teavana but thought a storewide sale might be a good chance to pick some up. Are the tins actually worth that much? DavidsTea has theirs regularly for $2.50 and I don’t really see what the difference is.

Claire said

Cacovorax – I think their tins are good quality but extremely overpriced.

I’ve bought their tins! I actually love them, but I don’t know if I’d say they’re worth the $6-$12. The more expensive ones have a plastic lid under the actual lid to keep it airtight, but personally I think that if you’re going for overall value, I’m a HUGE fan of Adagio’s tins. They’re also airtight

Sil select said

harney and sons also has 1$ tins. I don’t know how they compare to tins from david’s tea but they’re rectangular :) (4oz as well, so they’re larger)

Dustin said

I bought some of their rectangular tins during the Heavenly Sale and I’m not super impressed. They do have plastic under the lids, but it doesn’t seem like it forms that great of a seal. They are pretty and I’m sure I’ll find something to use them for, but I don’t feel good about putting more sensitive items in them like tea. I have all metal tins that keep my tea fresher.

Do you like the H&S tins? I was thinking about getting a set of them. I suppose I should be smart this time and only order a few to see how I like it? How fresh do they keep tea for those with experience with them?

Dr Jim said

The H&S tins look identical to what they ship their loose teas in. I like them, but they aren’t nearly as air-tight as the Teavana tins. The Teavana tins are way overpriced, but I was lucky enough to pick some up in their post-Christmas sale.

Dustin said

^Really? What tins did you get from them? I got these and they were pretty meh. http://www.amazon.com/Teavana-Colorful-Rectangular-Tea-Tin/dp/images/B00AM3LRZW

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Azzrian said

Read this post here for a 20% off code on The Persimmon Tree’s Amore’ tea!!!
Code at the bottom of the review.
Please also follow our blog if you have not already and thank you :)

You need to edit your blog post. “Also as an added bonus The Persimmon Tree is offering SororiTea Sister readers a special discount which you can use between now and 1/21/2012” Until 1/21/2012?

Azzrian said

ROFL! Oops hummm I thought I copied and pasted that from their email. Need to go check that – THANK YOU! :)

Azzrian said

Fixed and thank you again :)

Glad I caught it. Persimmon deserves the business and it was a bit confusing.

Azzrian said

Yes and it did turn out to be MY error not theirs. I should hire an editor lol.

You know I DID major in English and am looking for summer work ;) I kid, I kid!

Babble said

English majors represent!!

Woo woo!!!! Currently, I’m using mine to teach (which I guess is appropriate since I DID major in English EDUCATION…) but I always still have a secret fantasy that someday I am going to be a bigshot editor in an office somewhere… OR, since my concentration was in Language and Literacy that I will do some anthropological study of language, or be in the publishing field… I’ve always wanted to be a teacher and I love what I do, but now I feel like it’s almost the “safe” job… Sorry, went off on a tangent there!

Babble said

I worked as a technical writer for many years, which pays nicely but is super boring and frustrating. There’s nothing wrong with being a teacher. I just wish the school system (especially in FL) treated them a little better.

Azzrian said

My daughter is considering an English major – she may like being an editor. She likes working solo – does not mind working with others for the social aspect but prefers to do her work outside of the public realm. I am hoping that English will provide her a good editing job one day.
Madeline – what has kept you from that Editing job? Is the market really bad for editors?

Rachel- I’ve been lucky enough to get a really, really, REALLY good teaching job as far as the benefits, pay, and perks goes (and the kids are nice too :D). BUT I also commute 3 hours/way to get here for this good job. The nicer the area, the nicer they treat you- kinda unfortunate, but it’s the way it is….

Azzrian I LOVED being an English major! I love everything about the written word! I’ve wanted to be a teacher since before I really knew what school was, though. And, while I DO love my job, I feel like it’s the easiest path with an English degree. It’s a career and has a definite path. You get the degree, the credential, and you know exactly where you are going to go from there. The editing job is more iffy. Is there going to be an opening? What if wherever you work doesn’t succeed? How do you move your way up? It’s just more uncertain; teaching was more safe and immediate. And it was my ultimate goal for going to college and I do love love love it, but it is definitely STRESSFUL- I work about 10-12 hours a day, plus weekends. Is it sustainable for the next 40 years… Not so sure! Also, I don’t know where she is looking, but I ADORED my professors at Chico State. I know it’s a “party school” but I learned SO MUCH from my English professors there!!!

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Chuckieroy said

Over at worldmarket.com you can get 49% off of one regular priced item with promo code WM49 They sell a bunch of republic of tea items. Two have free shipping. Both Cherry chocolate and Rose petal have free shipping. So using the code you can get one of those for about 6 bucks shipped to your door :) I got the cherry chocolate one.

Awesome thanks for this!

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Novi said

ESP Emporium has a 25% off sale, just use the promo code SWEET25. Expires Feb 3rd.

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Josie Jade said

Kusmi Tea – Free Shipping and free Molton Brown Rose Granati Gel Sample.

Good until February 14th with the code LOVE.

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Azzrian said

Copied from facebook:
Handmade Tea has been shipped to 38 US states (and 2 Canadian provinces) however ND, NE, NH, DE, RI, ID, KY, LA, VT, MI, WY, and MS really need to step up their tea game!

Ship to one of these states and use coupon code ‘newstate’ to save 25% on the first month!


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