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I just got an e-mail… Tealux.ca is having a ONE DAY sale for Chinese New Year. 20% off all their tea until 2/12/13. Promo code: CNY2013

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Azzrian said

Today only T4USPS code – use on Verdant Tea for Free shipping 4.50 off

T.C. said

damn it…you had to post that. Ok, headed over to look… /sigh

Azzrian said

Yup lol

Sil select said

gah! GAH!

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Rue La La is having a sale…pay $20 for $40 to Capital Teas


^^that is the link if you are already a member

if you’re not a member, take my invite (and yes if you make a purchase I get credits, so I highly encourage it)! —> http://www.ruelala.com/invite/jthurnauer01

In for 2

yssah said

what are your recommended teas from there?

Never had any capital teas. I tend to look at the highest steepster rated teas that interest me in random tea selections. I prioritize teas I REALLY like that are highly cheaper from the new company over the old, then new flavors.

yssah said

new? old?

new company=company i buying from old=company i really liked a particular tea from.

yssah said

are they for real? $46 for 2oz of Madamme Butterfly Jasmine? i protest!

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Ellyn select said

If you like ESP Emporium Amazon Local Deal has the following deals:

$35 for $70 to spend on loose leaf tea with free shipping
$37 for $75 to spend on tea gift packages with free shipping
$50 for $100 to spend on loose leaf tea with free shipping


I buy every half off tea deal. I’m a sucker.

teapot1 said

This seems like a great deal…Is there a coupon code issued upon checkout?

sent to email. you can buy one of each by the way.

Dr Jim said

There ought to be a way to cross-link to the group worrying about how to not buy so much. These deals are TOO tempting.

I’m posting these there. Evil!

Dr Jim said

I was thinking of moving the conversation on moderation to this thread.

yssah said

wahahaha….sharing the love, i see.

gotta share this with y’all tho:

i was canvassing for online tea shops and one of the comments was this..

South Shore Tea Lover said 30 days ago

Had a disappointing experience with ESP Emporium. Teas taste rather stale. I wouldn’t order from the again, particularly since they don’t accept tea returns or exchanges except in cases of their error or damage in shipping. David’s, in contrast, was extremely accommodating in arranging an exchange.

so before you order, call and make sure that the ones they are sending you are fresh :D

Noooooo. This thread is amazing. I currently have 3 50$ Harney, 2 $40 capital tea. I don’t know about the ESP Emporium one though. Have any of you had their tea? Honestly it looks overpriced based on average review.

yssah said

that being said, they offer $5 off when you follow them on twitter…and 15% off when you subscribe to their newsletter. plus they have some teas on sale. idk if you can use all the coupons at the same time tho

also noticed that they have a freshness guarantee. hmmmm.

Gift certs work like cash and don’t diffentiate so I’m sure you can do at least one of those with the cert.. Guess the extra 15% off makes it worth it. Honestly I’m looking at getting this tea for iced tea. I refuse to use my great stuff for iceness.

I’ve liked the few ESP teas I’ve tried. Maybe I just had the good ones. I really like the Strawberry lemon basil rooibos, the vanilla black, their genmaicha is good. I used one of these sales before to get them.

Strawberry lemon basil rooibos sounds amazing. One can never have enough genmaicha. I think I currently have 3.

yssah said

update: emailed EPS and they replied

All of our 300+ teas are are cycled no less than every 45 days, therefore (most every 17), every tea is always fresh.

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Lala said

www.shop.ca is a Canadian shopping site where you can buy products online and there are no duties or tariffs. When you first sign up for an account you get $25 free to use. Also if you own a Kia and have a Kia rewards card, you can get Kia rewards with every purchase.

Most recently they sell tea from Bistro tea and Golden Coast Tea.

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Hello Tea Friends!

It’s Daniel from The Georgia Tea Company. We have a few new teas for you to try including Treasures of the Inca and Almond Cookies.

We are giving a 25% off coupon until Sunday, the 3rd.

The code is ‘steep13’ just enter the code when checking out.

If you have any questions, let me know!

Azzrian said

It would have helped if I had included the URL! Thank you, Azzrian!

Azzrian said

LOL no worries :)

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Just saw this deal on Groupon. It’s a flowering tea set from Numi. Comes with a glass teapot and bamboo case.

I’m not a huge fan of flowering teas myself, but maybe others are. :)


pavl said

The groupon price seems to be the amazon price.

Guess its not much of a deal then. Ah we’ll.

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Fauchon teas via Vente-Privee.

You can get an invite via my invite link, if you need one.

momo said

I don’t know whether to thank you or cry since I know I’m not getting out of this one without a purchase.

Stella select said

Thank you. I’ve been looking for fauchon teas for a while and what a price too!!

Josie Jade said

Oh, I am so tempted. They all look so good!

You all need to get in on this now, the tea is going fast.

yssah said

is it really good? the review/ratings arent so high ^^’

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Fab has some interesting tea stuff right now, though no actual tea that I could find. Invite link is : http://fab.com/b01e6g although I don’t know how many of you are left that don’t have a fab account.

This: http://fab.com/sale/17770/product/248534/ is a cooking extract set for those who were looking for things to blend their own teas with. I don’t properly know what the difference is between an oil and an extract, but it might be worth taking a look.

This: http://fab.com/sale/17116/product/80355/?usid=6 is kind of an interesting tea infuser. It comes in 3 different colours and apparently you can squeeze it with the included handle thing to make the water circulate through the tea more and infuse faster.

And finally this: http://fab.com/sale/18351/product/344108/?usid=6 is an adorable bunny cup.

There are also kettles and tea pots and mugs of all shapes and sizes and carafes and a soda stream (because someone was talking about carbonating tea or matcha or something but I don’t remember where that thread is). Just go to the ‘kitchen’ tab and keep scrolling.

momo said

They had some Dammann Freres teas last week in the Foodie section, I forgot they changed the schedule for the foodie shop and now it isn’t there :( It doesn’t look like there’s any tea coming for next week. That one updates every Sunday night.

There is a kombucha home brewing kit also http://fab.com/sale/17945/product/90697/?usid=6

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And there’s a supposedly nice insulated steel travel mug on woot right now.


Babble said

Thanks for the link. This is tempting. Does anyone have any experience with this mug?

I have a mug with a similar screw top design (one piece though) and it is pretty leak-proof. Do keep in mind that it’s only 12-13 oz. The comments on the post on the site are mostly positive, though there are the requisite shout-outs for Contigo mugs too.

pas2iche said

I have much experience with Sigg products. In a word, they are exceptional. I wouldn’t hesitate to jump on this deal.

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