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Kaylee said

Inspired by the previous post, here are some coupon codes I got from the tea festival:
Chai Diaries, www.mychaidiaries.com – 15% off with promo code “teafest”
Damn Fine Teas, www.damnfinetea.com – free shipping with coupon code “NEWFRIEND
Harney & Sons, www.harney.com – 10% off with code “CTF2013” (exp. 4/30/13)

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Azzrian said

Tea Forte –
Get a free Kati Cup with purchase of a tin of loose leaf tea.

darby select said

Thx!!! I have been wanting one and now they have a cherry blossom one. Found some tea mints for the tea party gift bags too!

Katiek said

Couldn’t resist. Got the poppy fields mug and some chocolate coconut black tea (plus some peach herbal for good measure).

Kaylee said

Raced to place my order in the final minutes before the code expired. Order went through – yay! Looking forward to the bird mug and lemon sorbetti tea. Thanks for the heads up.

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zentealife.com has a spring sale 20%-40% off until April 20. Discount Code: spring

These teas are amazing, so stock up! I’ve heard they are discontinuing some of them after the sale.

looseTman said

Thanks for the reminder! Do you know which teas may be discontinued?

I’d say some of the teas that are on sale right now are the teas that will most likely be discontinued.

looseTman said

How about Earl Grey Cream or Assam Mangalam Second Flush FTGFOP1?

Cavocorax said

It doesn’t say which ones are 40%, but I put those in the cart, as well as the coconut oolong and black pearls and I only had 20% off my total.

looseTman – I don’t want to speak for Zen, but I think Earl Grey Cream is safe (since it is so good) but I’m not sure which assam might be discontinued.

Cavocorax – if you put ‘spring’ in the discount code, it will take a percentage off all the teas in your cart. They also have an awesome rewards point system.

Cavocorax said

I did put “spring” in, which is why I got 20% off, but as none of those teas gave me 40% (as some were advertised), I suspect these aren’t the ones that will be discontinued. :D

hmm, I’m not sure. Maybe some of the teas were already 40% off of their usual prices? I know all of the teas are at least 20% off. They are delicious and already cheap anyway though! :D

Cavocorax said

Sorry – I’m not being clear here – I probably should have more of my morning tea.

I just figured that because all the teas are 20-40% off, and some are being discontinued that it’d be the ones that are 40% off that will be discontinued. And to answer looseTman’s question I pretended to buy the ones I really like to see if they’d show up as 40%, but as they are only 20% I think that means they are safe. :D

looseTman said

That sound like a well-reasoned conclusion. Thanks!

Well, I don’t think the people over at Zen have made up their minds about which to discontinue yet.. so it could be some that are on sale or not.

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Lupicia has a private sale! up to 35% off certain items – several seasonal teas. I may have indulged a bit. . .

Dustin said

How does a private sale work? Do you have to be on their mailing list to get the discount or something?

Here’s the link with their “tweet” You are cordially invited to our PRIVATE SALE. For 4-Days only, enjoy up to 35% off select items. http://goo.gl/G2vku

Dustin said

Awesome, thanks!

Dinosara said

Oh man this is bad good news. :D

Dustin said

^I know!

Anyone know how often Lupica has sales?

yssah said

i know only of this and their annual new year grab bag thingie

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From CUPP Tea Bar in Bristol, England:

To celebrate our new website and our new online shop, there’s 20% off all our tea pouches.

Simply go to our online shop and use this discount code ‘NEWSHOP’ in the checkout. Valid until Sunday 13th April.


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Claire said

This one is a serious wow – Den’s Tea is offering a kyusu for $5 until the end of the month: http://www.denstea.com/teapots-cups-teapot-shudei-99%C3%82%C2%A2-c-275_379.html

I told myself I wasn’t going to get any tea or teaware this month, but that vow is gone now.

Wow, that is a good one! I might be getting that, along with the 10% off shincha they’re offering on pre-order…

There is also 20% off of Sencha Shin-ryoku until the 30th. Code is RYOKU.

Sold :) I tossed in some pineapple sencha too…

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Whoa! Verdant is doing 5 samples for $5 (for new customers only): http://verdanttea.com/teas/5-for-5-tea-samples/

This is great! Just placed an order.

Dustin said

Gah! Should not have checked out the sales thread. Sold!


Mitch said


Cavocorax said

Woah. I didn’t even realize until know that it comes with a coupon for $5 off your next order!

Thanks for posting this! This will be the LAST tea I buy for a while, I swear!

Katiek said

Ordered – along with some of the laoshan black that I’ve heard so well reviewed here at steepster.

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Art of Tea sale up at Fab.com
Good for about 7 days.

If you need an account you can sign up via my invite link -

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Arbor teas has a 15% off everything sale
(today only) code “EarthDay2013”

The Tea Spot has 25% off everything if you add a Steep&Go ($5.21) to your order (today only) use code “threeRs”

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Dinosara said

I don’t love Tea Forte but some people do! Rue La La is offering a voucher: $20 for $40 online at Tea Forte. It can also be used on teaware, and they do have some nice things (I still use my Kati cup every day).

If you want/need an invite to Rue La La you can use this link: http://www.ruelala.com/invite/dinosara

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