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I just the wonderful ZENTEALIFE.COM has a 30% off sale. Discount code: Summer2013 I’m not sure for how long though!

yyz said

cool thanks! They have a new oolong and a yellow tea as well!

Yeah, since I’m a Zen junkie, I also noticed those two new teas. I just recently ordered though!

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Now here is a rare discount, I rarely see Rishi offer promotions. 10% off all iced tea with code ICED13

They also have free shipping on orders over $49

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Woot still has the reconditioned Breville One Touch for $160. It’s been moved off the deal of the day and when that happens it’s there for 5 days or till sold out.


It was sold out when I checked it yesterday. So sad I missed out on that deal :-(

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Dinosara said

Rue La La is doing another one of their vouchers for a tea company, this time one I think some people will be excited about… Kusmi!
$25 for $50 at Kusmi Tea Online

If you want/need an invite link, you can use mine:

ifjuly said

Ooh, thanks for this! Been meaning to try Kusmi out.

darby select said

Sweet! Thx!!!

Dinosara said

FYI, this deal is only active for the next 20 minutes, so get your voucher while you can!

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Cavocorax said

Harney & Sons has two coupons now:
$5 of $50 = SUN5
$10 off $100 = SUN10

I’m so stocked up on H&S right now (and in love with everything I picked up too!). Now it’s your turn to grab some! :D

They expire June 24.

Sil select said

nononononononononononono must not buy…have other birthday orders to make

Lilysmom said

Yay! I have loaded up my cart with a “test” order…..my H&S order arrived today……BUT I missed the UPS guy! ( I was shopping at davids, but that’s another story….)….anyway I can pick up my order tomorrow…..after 12 noon……about 16 more hrs…..one more sleep…..

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Cavocorax said

It looks like DAVIDsTEA has about 22 blends they are clearing out. You can grab 250g for $14.50 with each of these: http://www.davidstea.com/web-specials

(That’s a lot of tea…)

Uniquity said


Are these discontinued? Oh noeeees

Whew, got the last of the beloved Banana Dream Pie before it sold out. Thanks for the heads up Cavocorax!

Rats. Missed out on the White Tiger. Ah well, it’s not like I needed more tea to try anyway. Lol.

Lilysmom said

I love Santa’s secret and Ceylon star……tempted…..very tempted……

Bee said

Some of them are back in stock (White Tiger included, Shadowfall)! Just ordered Santa’s Secret, Banana Oolong and Persian Apple.

That actually annoys me, I would have liked White Tiger but they already shipped my order and I’m not paying for shipping twice :/

Would anyone be interested in swapping or selling some of theirs? I’m tempted to get something, but I’d really rather not be stuck with half a pound of tea I’ve never tried before.

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Free shipping everything and everyday directly from heritage tea farms in Taiwan!

No stale teas from inferior harvest seasons. Fresh supreme competition-grade teas only!

2013 Spring harvest of green tea and oolong tea on sale! 2013 Summer harvest of organic Oriental Beauty, Honey Black Tea, and Ruby Black Tea on sale!


Welcome to taste authentic premium teas from Taiwan!

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Audra said

Amazon Warehouse Deals has this 8oz bag of Tea’s Ect Cape Nectar Organic Rooibos for $1.71…that’s 21 cents an ounce! It’s an add on item, which means when you check out your cart has to total up to $25, but if anyone is planning on ordering something from Amazon any time soon it would be a great deal!


Audra said
MelissaTea said

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Cavocorax said

So I realize I’m asking people to predict the future here, but I’m looking to place a Harney&Sons order with a coworker, and she wants to do it this week. I just realised that Independence Day is next week though – how likely do you think it’d be that there would be sales? :O

ChaMei select said

I received a mailer yesterday offering 15% off using web code SUN13, good until 8/30/13.

Cavocorax said

Oh! It’s too bad we’re talking through the internet because I could hug you right now!!!! Thank you so much! :) I just popped it in and it worked.

I guess it never hurts to ask.

ChaMei select said

I guess I am prescient.

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