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The London Tea Company currently have up to 70% off their gift range. No coupons needed.


Just checked and they ship world wide and have clear shipping prices for all.

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Tea Palace have a coupon for Christmas. 10% off for orders places between before midnight 2nd December using discount code SANTA13 at checkout.


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Hi All,

We’ve got a 30% off everything sale until Dec 3rd: http://eco-cha.com/collections/all-tea. Code TEAFORYOU

Small batch, direct from the (family run) farm, Taiwan Oolong and Black Tea. We are based in Taiwan and source and ship direct. Have a look through our teas and grab something you like while this sale is on!

Also have very nice looking gift packs.

Free shipping on any orders over $55

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sansnipple said

Yunnan Sourcing Just posted a 32 hour 15% off everything sale on twitter, code: 15OFF

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Nothing But Tea are celebrating their 11th birthday with the following deals:

Spend £15 get 10% off
Spend £30 get 15% off
Spend £50 gets 20% off

The NBT Birthday Sale runs from the 2nd of December until midnight GMT on the 8th December 2012


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ifjuly said

Andrews and Dunham is offering free shipping in the US and $5 shipping to Canada until Friday.

Sil select said

this one made me happy

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ifjuly said

Dang, Harney just keeps at it with the crazy sales. 25% off the entire site with code CYB13 and free shipping with no minumum (in the States at least) until midnight EST Tuesday Dec 3.

This is an especially good deal if you like their plain black tins for storage (provided they’re still in stock…).

Ellyn select said

i just ordered the tins! LOVE THEM.

OMGsrsly said

25% off almost makes an order to Canada worthwhile…

Sil select said

omg…yeah…damn near lol

OMGsrsly said

I just really dislike that they’re never clear about the free shipping offer. I get excited every time I see it, only to be disappointed!

yyz said

I know they used to offer at least a reduction in shipping to Canada When they had free shipping.

OMGsrsly said

Just found their email. US ground shipping only. Boo.

ifjuly said

I think this sale brought the Harney server to its knees! Site kept timing out for me.

boychik said

i cant get on their site either

Gah! I thought I did good last Tuesday with 20% off. Dang them!

MelissaTea said

Shopping and checking out on the site was such a hassle, but for 25% off and free shipping, I shouldn’t complain too much. It kept telling me my shipping addresses needed at least one letter in the first and one letter in the last name?!?! I had to create another address in the address book. But I got it through.

I didn’t have any issues with my addresses, but it did take me a long time to get stuff in the cart and check out. I’d load a page, open another tab and go do something else and come back a few minutes later. Took about 30 minutes to browse and order. I should really be ashamed of myself. That’s 3 Harney orders in a month…

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Garret said

Mandala Tea – gimme10 is the code to enter upon checkout for 10% off on all teas! I can vouch for the killer customer service and the great teas! After all, it’s my company :) May your days be merry and bright! We will have this code active until midnight (CST) tonight (12/2/13). If it is our milk oolong you are looking for, email me and I’ll make sure to get you the 10% code for order and alert you when it arrives. The shipment is due any day! [email protected] Tea ya!

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Kaylee said

Yanabah Tea Company

20% Off your purchases with FREE SHIPPING in U.S. throughout December! Coupon Code: FREE20


MelissaTea said

Wow! I never heard of or thought of Navajo tea plants! Has anyone tried it?

Kaylee said

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Stella select said

Vente Privee is having a Kusmi sale today(12/4) at 10am EST.


If you are not a member, please click my link:

Once you make the first purchase, both you and I will get $20 credit :)
(for the orders of $50 or more)

If you are looking for a christmas gift, I would not recommend this option. Although Vente Privee offers amazing deals, their shipping time sucks. Please allow 3-4 weeks to be delivered.

Ag select said

There’s also an amazing deal on Valrhona chocolate, for chocolate lovers out there.

I may have ordered 750g of chocolate bars. Whoops.

OMG you people are bad for me. :)

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