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Last minute shopping?

We’ve got convenient gift cards. No shipping, no hassle, just easy tea-giving. And with code HOLIDAY you get 15% off. That’s a discount on cash!

Eco-Cha Gift Cards are delivered by email and contain instructions to redeem them at checkout. They can be printed out and put in a Christmas card.

Our gift cards have no additional processing fees and never expire. They don’t have to be used all at once either. Super easy!

Check them out here: http://eco-cha.com/collections/all-tea/products/gift-cards

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yyz said

Tao Tea Leaf is offering 50 % off on teas Dec 26 only www.taotealeaf.com online only.

ifjuly said

awesome news—i am in love with the samples of cream earl grey and hou kui i got from them a while back so this was music to my ears!

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Cavocorax said

Boxing Week Sale!!! From now until the end of the year, purchase the JusTea Trio for only $30 (reg. $40), and receive a FREE 75g packet of the tea of your choice! Just write in PayPal’s “note to seller” box which one you would like, and we’ll ship it off to you asap! What a deal!!!


OMGsrsly said

Don’t tempt me!

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Cavocorax said

Teavana is also doing their Heavenly Sale, while DAVIDsTEA has some seasonal tins and tumblers on for 40% off.

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Capital Teas is doing 40% off select teas under the “year end blowout” section. Code is on the website but it’s BLOWOUT13.

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Teabox.com (formerly darjeelingteaxpress.com) has several large sample kits half off. I’ve been watching this site for a few months now. They have a huge selection of Darjeeling, Assam, and other Indian tea and ship directly from India (though they seem to be expanding directly to other areas). The best part is they sell very small sample sizes of everything they carry and shipping is reasonable. I’ve never tried it, but several have gotten very good Steepster reviews.

I was extremely excited to see today they’ve added a “kit” that contains a sample of each of the 72 Darjeeling teas they carry for only $56 USD. They kits of all first, all second, and all autumn flush teas are half off, as is the kit of all black teas. These aren’t showing up under the “Sale” menu, however. You have to page through the Samples page or just search for a tea plantation and the sample kits will come up in the results.

Can’t wait to start trying these!

ifjuly said

want to thank you PROFUSELY for the tip—i just received my monster-sized darjeeling sampler kit (came so fast!) and it’s insane what a good deal it is—half off, free shipping, and they threw in some extras, AND i’m very impressed at the quality, packaging, and size of the samples given the price (the bags they come in block out light completely and are resealable, with tons of info about source, year, and how to steep individually labeled on each one, and i can make about 4-5 cups of tea with each!). i love darjeeling and the scope and size and freshness (i haven’t gone one by one through to check but i’m pretty sure almost everything is from the past year) of that kit for the price is insane, i think i worked it out (4 or 5 cups each of 75 teas ‘cause of the freebie samples they threw in, 56 dollars with free fast shipping) and it’s about 15 cents a cup which is quite a good deal when it comes to samples (i’ve done similar huge darj surveys with places like upton, but i had to pick everything out one by one and frankly the tea wasn’t as fresh, sealed as nicely, or tasty!). would recommend to anyone who loves going through darjs estate by estate, season to season.

on my third or fourth pot today and loving it, yum.

Ooooh….I’m so jealous! Mine was due to arrive to day, but due to some nasty weather here, it’s been a bit delayed. Hopefully it will be here tomorrow and I’m doubly excited to receive it having read your initial review. Thanks for sharing! I’ll keep an eye out for your specific reviews. Still developing my darjeeling palette. :)

NofarS said

Checked them out, and lo and behold – they also provide free express shipping internationally. I, of course, had to try their Darjeeling sample – thank you sunshine5150 and ifjuly for the tip!

My box arrived today!! I placed the order exactly one week ago. Free DHL Express Shipping. My order was picked up by DHL (IN India!) the day after I placed it, so if not for the bad weather here, it would have arrived less than a week after I placed the order – very impressive!

With a few free Assam samples, there are at least 75 samples, each containing 10g (enough for about 5 servings). The packaging is first class – sturdy, resealable bags that don’t let light in on any side and filled with just enough air to keep the leaves from crushing. The set includes samples from each flush (Spring, Summer, Autumn) – mostly black, but a handful of green, oolong, and white – one or two of each from each flush. Definitely a great way to expand my Darjeeling palate! I’ve only tried one so far. It’s my first Spring flush, so I don’t have anything to compare it to, but it’s very good.

As of right now, it’s still 50% off (US $56) with free express shipping. Even if I only get one steep out of each cup, that’s only US $0.14 per serving…and my experience thus far with Darjeeling is it holds up well for at least a second infusion, sometimes three.

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MissB said

Vendome Cadeau (supplier for Dammann Freres teas to North America) has a small sale on for 5% off all their teas.


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NofarS said

The very excellent Norbu Tea (http://www.norbutea.com) are having a sale until the 31st of January, to celebrate the Chinese new year. 25% off on everything in your cart with the code 2014Horse. I really can’t recommend them enough – try one of their interesting oolongs, their white bud pu’er, their fantastic Ya Bao, or any one of their great black teas.

Sil select said

my cupboard whimpers
my wallet cries
i laugh with glee

DigniTea said

I’ve been wanting to try Norbu teas. Just placed a nice order. Thanks so much for letting us know about the sale!

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Probably redundant, but Teavana added and reduced items that are now 75% off.

For anyone considering an order, there is a coupon code for $10 off $30. Use code EMAIL10

Jesus Christ. I am in BIG trouble. I literally just got a box in the mail yesterday from Teavana. I got 2 teas and 6 tins in the 50% off sale, and now it’s all 75% off! Grrr…

Now I’m buying more… This time I got:
2 ounces of Passion Berry Herbal Tea
2 ounces of Raspberry Pineapple Luau White Tea
2 ounces of Mango Mate Pu-erh Punch Mate Tea
2 ounces of Dragonfruit Devotion Herbal Tea
2 ounces of Raspberry Riot Lemon Mate Tea (one of my faves!)
…and the 12 Holidays of Tea Gift Set!

I used the “EMAIL10” code, and my total after shipping was only $27.47. How could I say no? I wish I could hate Teavana, but they will remain my guilty pleasure. Oh well. <3

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Nerys said

On the site www.tealux.ca/ 20% off code WINTER20 valid till January 5th.
I ordered this afternoon there.

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