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Steepster subscriptions are on livingsocial again. Also 15% off livingsocial site with “15OFFMAY” and 15% cash back via ebates. =)

I would appreciate it if you used this link. If using ebates you can open a ticket first, and then open this up alongside it. Thanks!

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Use the coupon code “TEAFORME” for 20% off all teas. This limited time offer only last until Friday, 5/23/14.


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Palais des thés is on sale on Myhabit today!
Starts at 9 pst, scroll down to today’s events.

There aren’t many ratings on their teas, at least not when I looked them up by company. Does anyone have experience with them?

Dinosara said

Probably because the full company name is Le Palais des Thés (they seem to be rebranding and dropping the “le”? But there are some older branded things in the sale so I am pretty sure it is the same company); here is the link to all of their teas under that name, with many ratings.

That does look like the issue, thanks! I wish their combos didn’t all have green teas in them. :(

Dustin said

Late to the game here… there are a few of their teas that I have really enjoyed, but many are so so. I read the descriptions, then went into the store to give them a sniff test before deciding, so I had a much better idea of what to purchase. I don’t think I’d buy one online I hadn’t tried before since they usually have such large minimum requirements.

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Garret said

I found these 2006 7588 recipe Haiwan bricks in the vault yesterday while reorganizing. Brewed some up and was blissed at the changes in this big-leaf tea since I last tasted it. We’ve listed them along with the 2007 brick of the same recipe:



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We are having a Memorial Day Sale!

From now thru Monday May 26, receive 20% off your entire purchase using promo code STEEP20 at www.teabar.com! We offer $5 flat rate ground shipping for all orders under $75 and free shipping for orders of $75 or more to U.S. addresses. We also offer sample sizes (0.5oz, about 5-6 cups of tea) for all of our teas.

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looseTman said
Sil select said

crap crap crap.

looseTman said

“The lady doth protest too much, methinks”
What are your Tealux favorites?

Sil, that was my first thought too.

I’m itching for another Tealux order, but I’m saving up for Butiki, Bluebird, Steap Shop and probably a Teavivre order. They have so many nice ones at Tealux!

looseTman said

Any noteworthy unflavored black morning teas?

The only black teas I’ve tried from Tealux: Black Dragon Pearls (really good), Ying De (somewhere in the 80s rating), Rwanda Rukeri Delight (I thought was just okay). I’ll have to try the black pearls again since I’ve sampled a few more since I’ve had them. Maybe I’ll do that this week.

Dexter said

Jin Jun Mei is Fantastic!!!
Old Tree Golden Buds is really good.
I like Fujian Beauty for an “everyday” black
Black Pearl Sumatra is listed as an oolong – but it’s more like a black to me and I LOVE it.
I think all their straight teas are decent quality, those are just some of my favorites.

looseTman said

Thank you for the reccomendations! Fujian Beauty sounds appealing.

Ubacat said

I love so many from Tealux. I was planning on an order because there are some new teas I really want to try as well as some old favs I want to reorder. I already purchased so much in May though….

looseTman said

Which Tealux teas are your old favs?

looseTman said

How are their organic unflavored black teas?

Dexter said

IMHO there are better flavored teas out there. I really like Tealux for straight teas,their flavors are hit and miss (mostly miss) for me.

looseTman said

I’m asking about their organic straight black teas.

Dexter said

sorry I misread that….

looseTman said

No biggie. Any thoughts?

Ubacat said

I have so many! Here they are:
Almond Splash
Butterscotch Potion
Cucumber Mint Fusion
Earl Grey Creme Green
Hao Shan Huang Ya Yellow
Irish Morning
Jian Xuan Milk Oolong
Lichee Jasmine Green
Mandarin Silk
Moroccan Mint
Mr. Earl Green
Pu-erh Vanilla Mint
Rooibos Earl Grey
Rooibos Vanilla
Secret of Love
Strawberry Oolong
Strawberry Sassafras
Supreme Enchantment
White Earl Grey Creme
White Coconut Creme

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We’ve just extended our current 20% off teas special on www.persimmontreetea.com until May 25th. Use coupon code: TEAFORME

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MissB said

Samovar says they’re closing their online offerings are being discontinued until they get a new site up, so it’s 40% off everything using the code GOODTEA for the next 72 hours.

“The Samovar Online Shop is closing.

For the next 72 hours get 40% off everything* in our Online Shop using discount code GOODTEA. On Tuesday, May 27, the doors will close.

On June 18, we’ll reopen with a whole new SamovarTea.com and the launch of our newest venue at 411 Valencia Street in San Francisco."

Is that samovarlife.com? I am getting an error page on “shop” there.

MissB said

Do you get error pages when you click on a tea type?

MissB said

Nope. Not I! :$

Strange, I’m getting

Not Found

The requested URL /Black-Tea-s/41.htm was not found on this server.

The tea gods are telling me I have enough.

Cwyn said

The organic Nishi Sencha first flush looks interesting but at 40% off the price is merely competitive, not a steal. Gonna tip toe out of this thread now..;)

SarsyPie said

That’s an impressive discount. I just wished they sold smaller amounts of tea!

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ZenTeaLife.com is extending their sale through tomorrow, Monday, May 26, 2014. I got word of this earlier today and thought I would share. They were updating their security software and it made it hard to place an order so they decided to extend their sale. I had trouble last night and had sent an email this morning which they quickly responded to & told me about the extension.

The sale is for 40-70% off all of their teas. The code takes 40% off whatever you put in your cart. Some teas are on sale making them up to 70% off.

Use code: may

Now you have one more day to decide about a discounted order with them :)

Rarrgh. I’m sooo tempted. x.x; Especially since I just opened the sample pack I had of the phoenix pearls to see how much I liked it and could’ve sworn it had chocolate it in. 2nd steep and it’s still tasty. /ponders order/
I’m just bummed they don’t have the 100g + tin available for the phoenix pearls anymore. I thought they did at the beginning, but I guess it sold out?

I don’t know if they had the 100g with the tin when they started the sale or not. I know they have sold out of a couple of things so that might be the case w/it.

I haven’t tried the Phoenix Pearls yet but due to the rave reviews I did buy some. :)

boychik said

Oh, Phoenix pearls are very good. I just tried them today.

I could’ve sworn they did since it’s an option for all their other teas that I’ve looked at, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they sold out of it. It was a great deal and I’m kicking myself for missing it. Lol.

They probably did sell out. I had a few 100g tins in my cart and they weren’t available when I went to check out earlier today, so I settled for 50g bags (probably a better idea anyway). After watching the sales, I feel like they do a 30% sale every month or so, although this is the first time I’ve seen a 40% sale. If you don’t mind waiting it’ll likely be back during their next sale. (History: end of Feb, mid April, this current one started on the 16th of May).

Yeah, they have awesome sales all the time and I doubt they will be getting rid of the Phoenix Pearls any time soon!

I caved and ordered from them. As much as I would’ve loved to get a tin with my phoenix pearls, the price was too good to pass up for the regular pouch. Maybe they’ll have another deal like this and I’ll be able to pick up a tin when I order.
I wish they had those tins for sale. I don’t care for any of the designs on the 100g – 150g paper tins, and the larger 250g tins are too big/too expensive for me. Lol.

Cwyn said

In for a small pouch of organic Korean Sejak and a kyusu, for all I say I am not into tea ware been tired of burning my fingers on the gaiwan even just for spring greens right now. The discount code was calculated only on the tea, though. I noticed they have a left handed kyusu, never seen one of these before on other sites.

I didn’t know they did frequent sales, good to know. I figured 40% was a pretty big sale though. I liked too how long they offered this deal. It gave me time to make up my mind.

I’m trying to order stuff from here today since the sale was supposedly extended but it’s not taking the code may. It keeps saying coupon code “may” not valid. Is anyone else having this problem. I was supposed to order yesterday but forgot. I hope I can still take advantage.

boychik said

Call them up. The owner Kenneth such a nice guy, pleasure to talk to.

I’m sure they will take care of you. I would call or email. They were quick to respond to me yesterday.

looseTman said

http://zentealife.com/ states:
“Super Tea Sale!
40-70%, May 16 ~ 26”

You should be fine. Agree with boychik, contact Kenneth. He goes out of his way to be very helpful: 1-778-829-3153 or http://zentealife.com/contacts/.

looseTman said

Kenneth has updated his website to reflect the fact that the May sale was extended 1 additional day. Coupon code “may” is now valid for today.

Got it. Great guy!

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kimquat said

American Tea Room is having a Memorial Day Sale.
20% off online orders: use the code “MEMORIAL” at checkout.

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