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25% off white and yellow teas with code White25

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Breville 1 Touch reconditioned $149 @ Woot thru July 15.


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Pay $20 for $40 toward Tea Forte at Rue La La. Now until 7/19.


Anyone want to ‘invite me’ to Rue La La? =D

I can, pm me your email.

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Ost said

Simpson& Vail are offering free shipping for orders over 25$. No code needed.

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10% off all orders at Harney & Sons from July 16th through 18th.

Use the code TASTE14.

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sherubtse said

I have been given a few discount coupons (one-time use) for $5 off any order from Mellow Monk:


If you wish to have one, please let me know. If you haven’t tried their teas, now would be a good time to do so!

Best wishes,

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Dexter said

For those of you waiting for a possible Butiki Birthday sale – this was posted on their facebook page today….


So maybe she’s doing a sale and a contest too?

Edit: nevermind, just read the comments… Marzipan got all the hot dish! :)

Sil select said

stacy does it every year on her Bday heh. Contests and fun times will ensue!

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20% off at Tealux (not including teaware or Tea Forte line) until 7/25.

Code: HOTSUM20

cookies said

There seem to be two Tealux websites .ca & .com. Do you know if it’s for both?

Edit- Gave it a try and it does work on the .com site.

Tealizzy said

It could be the fact that there are two companies almost named the same. The one with the promotion doesn’t have an “e” at the end of the name and they are in Canada. I’ve had good experiences with them.

cookies said

Yes, I saw that as well when I looked up the company. But Tealux seems to have two websites as well. You can switch from Canadian and American dollars on both so I don’t know what the difference between them is.

yyz said

I imagine it’s both. I got the same sales notice as Cameron. I shop from the .car site.

Dexter said

IMHO they have just claimed both domains so that customers can find them at .ca and .com I’ve ordered from the .ca site several times, nice quality, reasonably priced straight teas. Their flavored teas are hit and miss for me.

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If you belong to MYHABIT (myhabit.com by Amazon), there are a bunch of Palais des Thés teas on sale. Some boxed sets regularly $55 for $29, some 4-pack miniatures regularly $29 for around $16 – $19, The Des Moines 3.5-Oz. Loose Leaf Limited Edition Tin regularly $29 for $19, and some non Palais des Thés tea ware.

Look under the A JAPANESE TEA PARTY event in the HOME section.

And a $21 cast iron teapot!

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Dexter said

Tao Tea Leaf is doing 50% off all loose leaf tea, no coupon, discount comes off your shopping cart total. It’s today only.

Anything especially good there?

Dexter said

This is my ALL TIME #1 FAVORITE black tea. I LOVE IT.

Dude, two typos on their front page, I’m crying.

Sil select said

Marzipan – they need help with that sort of thing. They’re a local shop here in Toronto and have some lovely teas…they’re on the pricier side, and don’t often have sales, so i usually pick up a few of my favs when they do sales like this.

I second the one that dexter linked…also their ginger puerh isn’t bad if you like ginger. I like their new style lapsang as well…

Thanks! I’m getting an error message when I try to go search for their teas on here.

Yeah, Steepster seems to be partially broken this morning

Sil or Dexter – have either of you tried their Milk Oolong?

Are there any magic words in the tea names that signify they are leafhopper teas?

boychik said

I cannot search on any teas grrrr

boychik said

It’s $14 in ship to US
No free ship during 50% sale

I’m up for combining orders with someone to split the shipping.

Dexter said

Blodeuyn – I have not had their milk oolong – I’m not really a green oolong type of girl. Sorry can’t help you.
Marzipan – I’m at work, sorry don’t have time to look through their teas, normally oolongs that are hopper bitten are called Eastern Beauty, or Oriental Beauty – something like that..

boychik said

Marzipan I’m in . Really want to try their Wuyi oolongs and tea pet said that rice tuo is the best, also wouldn’t mind LS non smoky Sil recommended

OK, let’s give it a couple of hours and see if anyone else wants to as well.

They have ship to multiple addresses, yes? If so I’d go in on this. 3 things I want to order but that shipping is steep.

I think what we would have to do is have it shipped to one of us, then that person reship to the rest. But the more people we have to divide into the $14 the less it will be, then at the most it would probably be $5 in the US, I know I can send a flat rate envelope for $5.05. If it’s small enough it can go parcel post – I think that’s under 13 oz, and very inexpensive.

Yah, it tacks on the shipping for each address. Drat.

Three of us did this with the 52teas sale not long ago and it went really well. You’re only about 2 hours from me anyway so it wouldn’t take long to ship ;)

Count me in too. ;)

Ok, Put your order together, we’re going to wait a couple of hours to see if we get more people. I don’t mind placing the order and reshipping it if you guys want to paypal me your part. I ship things out every day so it’s easy for me.

yyz said


cookies said

I would love to combine orders if it’s okay.

I am also interested in the group order.. not sure I want to pay about $14 for shipping!

Let’s just say 6 pm central as a cut off, send me what you want me to order in a PM before that, I’ll figure up totals and place the whole order then?

Oh man. The temptation is very, very real. ;; But I’m already planning a Whispering Pines order in the near future, so I should probably restrain myself a little. Dem oolongs though, hnnngh. Excuse me while I sit in the corner and make wounded animal noises.

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