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David’s Tea and Teavana – free shipping, no minimum order, through Friday (code for Teavana is “thanksmom”, no code needed for DT).

Stash Tea – 15% off organic teas through April 28th with code "orgearth ". stashtea.com

Harney – free shipping on $25 order (probably US only).

Zack S. said

Thx for the DT and Teavana heads-up.. I’ve got 1 or 2 teas I like from each of them but paying shipping for just 1 item isn’t efficient. But a ‘free shipping’ sale definitely is =D

Free shipping with no minimum order requirement is my favorite type of sale! I got a pouch of lemon myrtle from DT and a small glass cup (the pink Uma) from Teavana.

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looseTman said

Earth Day Sales:

- Arbor Teas 15% off everything in our inventory – our largest sale of the year! code “EARTHDAY2015”, http://us2.campaign-archive1.com/?u=d17ba5dc34b963345977383fa&id=7c8f882e90&e=b584aef525

- TeaGschwendner: 4/22-23, 22% off entire purchase, code “earth15” http://shop.tgtea.com/?utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_content=%2022%25%20OFF%20on%20total%20purchase%20April%2022-23%20only&utm_campaign=Tiger%202015

- Teas Etc 25% off everything, code"EARTH" http://www.teasetc.com/tea/mailings/earthday-2015/index.html

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Last day to get 50% off your total order – coupon not needed.

Visit our store: http://www.persimmontreetea.com/

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yyz said

http://www.flaavor.com/en/39/bulk-flavoured-teas. In France has some Christine Dattner teas at 20% off and sells them in smaller volumes. They ship internationally.

Christine Dattner also has an estore at http://christinedattner.com/index.html

Any suggestions?

I wasn’t familiar with her, but found this interesting article:

Bollywood and The Great Blue look great! Because, you know, sprinkles.

yyz said

I haven’t bought from them yet but I am interested in the cookies, vanilla caramel and joyeux plaques on the Christine dattner site only. As well I want to try the hymns de l’amour ( lychee, rose, berries), and the pear, bergamot, vanilla green. There is a vodka and cranberry puerh under black teas in the flavour site and the Montreal black is maple and chestnut, I think.

She’s worked at Betjeman and Barton which tends to have good vanilla caramel, bergamot based and cherry teas, so the Brazilian one with red fruits with a cherry dominance might be good. Some one recommended the guava one as well in a blog I read.

I couldn’t figure out how much tea was being sold on her site, how many grams.

yyz said

I’m not 100% sure but I think it’s 100g. I was planning to contact her at some point but most places that sell her tea tend to have either 109g loose leaf ( end vrac) or sachets.

Thanks for posting it, I ordered some.

yyz said

You’re welcome!

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Free shipping at Kusmi until Tuesday. Code: Kusmibest

Oh! And Ruelala has a deal today too. $25 for a $50 gc to Kusmi.
Promotion Period: April 24 through July 24, 2015.

https://www.ruelala.com/boutique/product/83100/14421198/ – direct

https://www.ruelala.com/invite/judithgill – my invite if you need one.

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listvenue said

I got a 15% discount with free delivery from http://loosetea.us/shop

Coupon code: firsttimebuy

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We are extending our 50% off sale again!

Small tins of loose leaf tea (only a few medium tins) and rock sugar are left from the 50% sale that we’ve been having and we are looking to get rid of most of it.

No coupon needed and valid while supplies last

Equusfell said

Oh wow! The utiliTEA kettle is also half off! I just can’t pass that up! Thanks you guys!

Will you be restocking or are you going out of business? :(

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Palais des Thes is at Myhabit again.


Myhabit – http://www.myhabit.com/ref=pe_218460_137983950_dpt4?src=email&sale=A3200JECX83M7B#page=b&dept=home&sale=A3200JECX83M7B&ref=qd_em_home_A3200JECX83M7B

This is my invitation link if you need an invite, if you don’t use it, it’s fine too. I just don’t think you can shop there without one. Not sure.

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If anybody spots a crimson lotus tea sale. Please don’t take too long to post it on here. Lol. :)

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