What's your number?

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I am not mathematically incline; I am not of most things. That being said, this is all very interesting but for me ignorance is bliss since all I do is repeat, over and over again and not because I insist. That Groundhog Gopher never meant to go anywhere for not seeing.

I don’t want to know. I am hurt enough in all I try to do. I cannot make others see this, so I must be lying. If letters and words bothers you than try numbers; and yet there is the same cruelty; only it is numeric not turmeric which is good for you.

Babble said

Uh… Are you high?

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Mostly blacks and herbals for me, with some oolongs and mates mixed in :)

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DC said

Based on an approximation of my last 100 brews:
Black: 2
Green tea: 30
White & Yellow: 8
Herbal: 0
Oolong: 50
Pu-er: 10

The tragedy! I’f only we’d included oolong as its own category. We are working very very hard to source a quality organic oolong that fits the Hugo criteria. It could take months…or years. It’s a shame because we are really craving some smokey oolong right now.

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4/1/1/4/90 mostly Puerh and oolong

The tragedy continues…

Haha, ya. As soon as I saw what the options were I knew It had to be at least 90% other. I think oolongs and puerhs can get under looked compared to blacks and greens because they’re not as mainstream in America, but they have to be my two favorite types of tea.

Babble said

Oolong has become more popular in America because of it’s weight loss properties groan. And that’s another reason pu-erh is coming to the forefront, too.

@Rachel—it is a shame, isn’t it? One shouldn’t drink tea just because they think it’s good for them (even though it is).

That’s one of the reason’s it’s sometimes more difficult to find high quality oolongs and Puerhs. People want it cheap for health so low quality tea’s flood the market.

We agree entirely

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My number is easy to calculate: 90% green tea, 10% the rest.

Simple and Straight-Forward.

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As As previously stated, oolongs and puerhs need their own categories so I’ve updated mine with sub categories (oolong, puerh).

That’s probably the most intuitive solution.

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With 24 reporting, the averages are as follows:

32% Black / 26% Green / 4.5% White / 9% Herbal / 28% Other (Oolong, Pu’erh)

White tea is quite distraught.

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