Marshmallow Genmaicha!- petition?

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Lynxiebrat said


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No! mixing/adding marshmallow with Genmaicha; next you will want Genmaicha with popcorn or kernel corns.

No what? :)

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I would also love another Butterbeer is soso delicious and I’m hoarding the rest of my bag til I know I can have moar.

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Fjellrev said

Sign me up too, and those other flavours sound awesome too.

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Oh man I hope there is another Marshmallow reblend, that one was unfair! didn’t even know it was up before it was gone :/

Babble said

Don’t worry, a lot of us didn’t. There wasn’t even an official announcement.

But I have a feeling this will be reblended.

Kittenna said

Like I feel like I’ve said previously, it would be a silly business decision not to make a re-blend. A guaranteed seller? Yeaaaah…

I actually asked him about that one time (I think on a different discussion). He said it didn’t really fit his business model… but really I think he just has more fun this way ;)

I might be a little “different” but I’m not crazy. I am hoping to make money here. …someday. LOL.

To put all of you at ease, a little anyway, there WILL be a reblend of the Marshmallow Genmaicha and some more genmaicha blends, but at the moment I am out of genmaicha. I’m ordering some more, but don’t expect to receive it for several weeks.

Haha, no one thinks you’re crazy. Pretty sure we’re all jealous!

Azzrian said

Thanks Frank! Looking forward to the re-blend and new ones!! Woo hoo!

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