NaNoWriMo 2012 - who's in?

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Here is the facebook group we have going: Feel free to join!

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Claire said

Argh, you guys made me wish I had time to NaNo this year! Good luck to everyone and have fun! :)

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I found my novel! This is something I’ve been toying with for about 25 years or so, based on several dreams I’ve had over the years, songs I’ve written, & crazy fantasy ideas. It was in a file folder for a long time, just a folder of disjointed pages: song lyrics, poems, descriptions of various characters, descriptions of locations, imaginary conversations, outline ideas, etc, all scribbled (& some not-so-deciferable…yikes) on papers, napkins, post-its…

Every now & then I get inspired, or have another dream that fits, & I pull it all out, add more ideas, & then life gets in the way. Apparently the last time I did this (a couple years ago), it never made it back into the file folder. Luckily, after much searching, I found it, tucked into the file of unfinished songwriting (it’s a big box!), along with some of my other writing ideas. They are all now where they belong!

I’m getting excited!

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Aiko said

Oh my, oh my. It’s almost November already.
I look forward to this every year! I’m very much a “pantser” as I think they call it; I don’t plot or plan, I just start writing and see what evolves and have absolute gobs of fun. Of course, writing and tea go hand in hand.
I’m Amaikokonut on NaNo as well; I don’t do facebook but I’ll try to keep tabs on you guys anyway. Best of luck to everyone!

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I’m running the Young Writer’s Club at my school at lunch for NaNoWriMo! Whether or not I’ll write my own is still TBD… I guess it will mean more to The students if I’m doing it too but 50,000 words seems so crazy!!!

It comes down to 1666 words a day. Last year I aimed for 3000, just so that I could get ahead, knowing that there would be days when I just couldn’t get it done (due to gigs, other responsibilities, or just life in general). You can do it!!

I finally decided my story, and I am SUPER excited about it, so hopefully it comes out! After all, I take the train for 3 hours a day, so if nothing else…. Thanks for the encouragement! :D

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MsWhatsit said

I’m in again this year the same way as last year. Meaning not officially registered or anything, just doing it for company with my friends. I have the beginnings of a fun project and plan to give it a serious push this coming month and try to rough it out.

Of course, I’m still editing my project from last year (Finished the first draft last year, cleaning it up for sale this year) so I don’t get to cop out of that. I’ll put in the usual hour a day on the edit and reward myself with a fun frenzy of unbridled creativity. It’ll be so much fun!

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I added a few of you… anyone I missed I’m on there as MadelineAlyce (all one word) :D

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When we had a tea bar, we used to play host to the NaNos every November. I miss that. I always admired their commitment and drive.

I wonder if I could participate this year with everything else I have going on?

maybe you can create a NaNo blend? It would have to be loaded with caffeine, of course, & chocolate…I’m not sure what else :D

THAT would be awesome.

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JazzyB said

I’m doing Nano, My first year. I’m also Jazzyb on there

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Alphakitty said

Is anyone else doing NaNo prep? Character sketches, outlines, snippets of dialogue, etc. I find that it’s really helping me get in the mood to hunker down and get writing. It can seem so daunting, but working out the little details has me more and more excited to start it off! (Well, not “start” since I am a NaNo rebel and am jump-starting a project I’ve had a few chapters of for a while)

I opened up my copy of Scribner a few days ago & started setting things up there. I created a file, made a bunch of folders for the chapters, went through all my various scriblings & organized those into one of those file thingies.

Otherwise I’ve been trying to get ‘other’ things done, so I can do NaNo without getting behind on everything else! LOL

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