NaNoWriMo 2012 - who's in?

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I lied: I’m trying it again.

I’m bronzebold over there. Add me – I need encouragement! :)

yeah, Michelle!

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Uniquity said

You NaNo people are super heroes to me. I’m a longtime reader but have never been able to produce my own words. Superstars, all of you!

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momo said

Ok I give in. I have no idea what I am writing about but my username is saturdaynightriot.

Yay!! We have a nice groups of Wrimo’s & we’re gonna write!

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Last year I actually stayed up & started writing at Midnight, knocking out my first 2000 pages. I’m sorry to say it’s almost 11:30 & I can’t keep my eyes open, so it looks like I’ll start writing tomorrow. I’ve always heard that as you get older you can get by on less sleep, but for me it’s become a requirement that I get 7 – 8 hours per night. So, it’s off to bed, but I’m looking forward to typing my little fingers like crazy tomorrow, & for those who plan to stay up & write after midnight, more power to ya!

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How’s everyone doing on NaNo so far? I’m at 1684 words, hoping to get in another hour before bed.

I stayed up a little later than I had planned, but now my total for the day is 4002 words. It’s always important for me to get ahead, as there will be days when I don’t have as much time to write.

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I hit 2,000 on the nose and am calling it a night for now. Off to ahem “research” Sherlock some more. ;)

You’re awesome! I hope you feel better tomorrow!

Ha thanks. My husband made me stop…kill joy that he is. But he was right…no need to over do it. He was also good enough to put Sherlock on for me….that show will get me to stop pretty much everything! :)

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This sounds wonderful – but I’m with Azzrian. Count on me for next year! :)

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Alphakitty said

I’m kind of amazed with my progress: 5,839 so far, and Day 2 isn’t even over! The writing’s been going a lot more smoothly than I thought it would, I’m coming up with scenes faster than I can bang them out. I’ve even been able to look over and edit the parts I have done! The fact that Time Warner cut off my internet & cable for all of yesterday definitely helped though haha

Congrats! I’ve been picking through mine today and it seems to be flowing pretty well. :)

That’s awesome, Alpha!!

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I’m doing this year’s NANO, and have decided that my tea consumption is going to rise to new heights. Therefore, I’ve been looking for discussions or suggestions about the best cheap teas to buy so I don’t drink all of my expensive ones in a fit of frustration. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Alphakitty said

One of my favorite writing teas is ETS’ Dorian Grey:

It’s very cheap and tasty, the name is based on a book, and I feel like EG really puts me in a creative mood!

That does look awesome, but the problem I always have with cheap online teas is the shipping cost. A 4$ tea turns into 9$ so quickly, and attempting to spend enough to get free shipping is even more problematic…

Alphakitty said

Shipping is a bit expensive, but their teas are so cheap that it’s worthwhile for a medium-sized order. They have a bunch of other awesome teas, like Lady Londonderry and Long Island Strawberry. They also have amazing sampler packs that give you an ounce of each tea!

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I just started, username Awkwardsoul.

My husband is participating and I got all jealous. I have the free time right now while I wait for my greencard and I don’t know what kind of free time I’d have next year, so decided to join in. Now I’m trying to catch up for starting 5 days late – just hit over 5k words for my first day!

Angrboda said

That’s great! Don’t worry about being behind, it’s a lot easier to catch up than you think. Just do a little extra every day and you’ll get there. Looking at the statistics page of your NaNo profile is a good idea. It says how many words you must at least do every day in order to make it to 50K.

I will add you. ETA, or not… I can’t find you. I’m here, if you are interested.

Yeah! That’s a great first day!
I’m Harpsinger at the NaNo site, & would love to be your buddy.
About the writing buddy thing, last year I didn’t have any. I didn’t know anyone. Near the end of the month I went to a local write-in & ended up chatting with this one chick, who added me as her writing buddy. This year I have some buddies (all from Steepster, I think!), & I have to admit, it’s kind of cool looking & seeing everyone’s word count! I’m really glad there are a group of us here doing this together! :D

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