Vote for Your Favorite Custom Blend (Butiki Teas Contest Ends Nov 4th)

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momo said

So the other day I was mad none of mine made it and now I’m just disappointed in myself after reading the others that sound 38952x better. I can’t even decide which one to vote for because around 6 of them all sound amazing!

Stacy, I’m gonna email you soon about getting one of mine done as a custom blend because I really want it too in the end, haha.

You definitely shouldn’t be disappointed in your ideas. They were fantastic! When they were down to 15 teas, your wheat beer was still in the race and was popular with the judges. The last 5 to eliminate were very difficult. There were teas that didn’t make it that was so heartbreaking to me but I knew I would never be able to pick just 10. There was even a tea that didn’t make it that I’m currently trying to plan out because I’m planning on making it.

I would love to work on a custom blend with you.

momo said

It’s more a matter of holy cow, everyone has some SERIOUSLY AMAZING ideas out there! I can’t even imagine having to narrow it down. I’m the person who can’t even pick a few nail polish colors so she goes with the entire collection.

The wheat beer one is the one I want to go forward with! But I just discovered how amazing tripels are so I want to think more first about it, because I cannot figure out how to even describe how these taste, and you can’t drink too much of them at once if you want to figure anything out haha.

And it has to wait a couple weeks because then it will be birthday time, which is the best time for more tea.

Sil select said

I think all the ideas were fantastic. I think this should be a regular thing once a year! :)

momo-Awesome! Tripels are my favorite kind of beer! Though I love quadrupels too.

Sil-That’s a great idea!

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tperez said

Mmm, the saffron sesame Mau Fang sounds great. I might have to try making my own if it doesn’t win :)

Babble said

I’m with you. That’s the one that sounded most interesting to me. But I’m also impartial to greens ;)

I voted for this one too, it doesn’t help that I’m partial to greens as well. Even at that it sounded so good and simple so that the flavoring won’t drown out the green tea base. If you end up making some tperez, do you plan on sharing???

tperez said

Sure! If I end up mixing some, I might as well make enough to pass around. I’d definitely try to send some to the person who came up with the blend if I end up making it. :)

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After giving Sil’s request some thought, we have decided to give the 2nd place blend creator $10 off of a custom blend order.

If you haven’t voted for your favorite blend yet, please do as this could help someone win their dream tea.

Also, don’t forget to send in your reviews for contest #2.

Sil select said

Woot! That’s awesome news :) good luck everyone!

Looking forward to seeing the winner of contest 2 as well!

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Helena said

There was so many choices but I voted for the Strawberry rhubarb because that sounded yummy :D I hope some of the others will also get made in time even if they don’t win.

Alphakitty said

They all sound tasty, I’ll be happy with whatever wins! I voted for Thai Cookie though since those flavors just sound yummy together.

Helena, I’m sure a few of the teas that don’t win will eventually get made.

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Azzrian said

Today is the day for the big announcement right?
I think we see a clear winner here.
Can’t wait to try the winning blend!

The announcement is tomorrow for both contests. The voting ends at midnight today and so does the review submissions. There is still plenty of time to vote and second place does matter too.

Azzrian said

Ohhhh thanks Stacy! :)
I got over excited haha. Thought it was today.

Sil select said

happy dance it’s tomorrow.. but TODAY there will be new teas to get excited about… woot woot!

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