Gray... Dorian Gray...

I just had to apologize to everyone from the Summer book club that I so rudely abandoned after helping to kick it off. I haven’t returned back to that page, so hopefully everyone else got some good discussions in!

My relaxing summer off ended up being a summer taking 4 showers a day and washing some parts in bleach (feet and hands) to combat parvo, which took pretty much all of my time after my two classes.

I know in general I have A love/hate relationship with steepster (I love being here, I hate how inconvenient it Is on my phone) but hopefully nobody is hating ME for my flake syndrome!

Ok that’s all :)

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Oh hey! I sorta stopped before finishing cause no one was reading with me! I’ll get back to it if you will! I mean, I had read this before so there was no real reason to go on without a companion. :) See you on google docs!

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Hmm. I tried to share with you but it’s set so that only the owner can add members. I sent a request for you to add yourself… Probably useless. Sorry. :(

Also, next time you can PM me instead of putting your email in this public space. :)

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LOL I just got that email from Google docs. Thanks for trying! I’ll share with myself this weekend :)

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