Brambr said

Combining tea and food

Some time ago I read an article abouit something like a ‘tea sommelier’. Someone who creates a ‘tea selection’ in a restaurant (just like a wine selection) and matches everything with the dishes of the restaurant.
Some ‘general’ suggestions mentioned were:

- White and green teas with fish, shellfish or fruty desserts
- Oolongs with every type of fish or with a desert with cream or white chocolate
- Black tea with meats or stews. Earl Greys with Creme Brulee
- Pu Erh with every type of mushrooms or several types of cheese
- Smoked teas go well with rosemary

Anyone else have great combinations?

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teataku said

Spicy teas and mild flavored desserts or pastries work very well. Also, I’ve found that unflavored, unsweetened green tea and spicy foods go together almost sublimely. Green tea is my go-to drink when I’m eating something that’s a little too spicy for me, although sometimes I’ll choose milk, if it’s a tomato-based or otherwise really acidic food. White tea is just too delicate, but green tea has just the right amount of flavor to balance the dish without fighting with it. Great question!

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Nicole said

Great list. I have been wanting to find something like that for awhile now. For my personal taste, Earls and Darjeelings go well with dark chocolate. I would agree with Earls and creme brulee.

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