Avoiding Pyramid Bags?

I’ve often wondered if plastic pyramid bags are safe, and try to avoid them if I can. I thought this article was interesting
Microplastics: Premium teabags leak billions of particles – study https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-49845940

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LuckyMe said

I’ve always been leery of plastics coming into contact with hot water for this reason. Most of the teas that come in those pyramid bags are overpriced anyways. When I travel, I carry my loose leaf tea in refillable paper teabags from Adagio. They are 100% paper and allow the leaves enough room to expand during steeping. Cheaper and better tasting than store bought teabags.

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Definitely a concerning article (not really surprising, though). That said, for anyone who IS drinking tea from teabags – definitely reach out to whichever companies you’re purchasing your teabags from to confirm what the material they’re using is.

I know at DT we use soilon based tea sachets, which is a plant based, biodegradable material mostly made from corn starch (completely different material from the one in the article/study) and a bunch of other tea companies have confirmed they use the same material as well – such as Wize Monkey.

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I don’t like the taste of paper teabags myself, as I can taste the “papery” or “cardboard” like taste in the tea, but find the cornstarch/corn fiber kind doesn’t leave a taste so I buy the fillable style cornfiber bags.

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