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I have three Keurig Platinums in my shoppe. They are absolutely indispensible for coffee but I never EVER brew tea using this method. That’s like buying a Corvette with no engine.

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snootle said

I usually drink DD coffee in my Keurig. I did find some earl grey on clearance and figured i’d try. Problem the black cup that holds the k cups have coffee residue between the ribs. That residue will muck the taste of tea ANSWER pop out the black cup and put it in a larger cup with water to cover add one polident tablet, later wash with soap and water rinse well clean as new

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SunnyinNY said

I love my Keurig!
I use it mostly for coffee, but I don’t care for the Kcups for tea. I do however use the Keurig for hot water for a cuppa tea when I am in a hurry. I would prefer to brew a whole pot when I really want to enjoy a cuppa tea. But it works in a pinch.

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Allayna said

I originally purchased my Keurig for coffee and then after a little while switched almost exclusively to loose leaf tea. So now I just use it for hot water, which I find extremely convenient. The large setting fills a “regular” sized mug perfectly, and using two of the small settings fills my mugs that are 350ml+ with the perfect amount of water as well.
I will admit, the tea that comes in the K-Cups isn’t very good at all. But I do love how quickly my hot water is prepared as opposed to my crappy, cheap electric kettle (I have yet to splurge for a temperature controlled kettle, though I found one at Walmart for $59.99 which I thought was amazing!). Just my two cents! : )

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LuckyMe said

Never tried it, but the Keurig like most coffee makers brews at a temperature of about 190°F. Some models let you adjust the temperature between 187-192°F. This might work if you’re brewing black tea however for those of us who drink green tea that would result in a bitter brew.

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