What's your favorite tea family? (oolong, white, etc.)

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Love the range of oolongs. And I like the idea of having tea with a dragon.

Want that!

I am not talking to myself. I swear there was another post here and it had this link.

Babble said

LOL, you’re not crazy. I got the same notification too but I don’t see it. I think it didn’t process because it had HTML in it.

cuppaT said

It was mine. I’m trying (without much success) to figure out how to make a clickable link. Can someone help me out?

There you are! Glad I wasn’t imagining it. Seriously love that mug, like I need any.

cuppaT said

No, you aren’t losing it, Dixie. I got 4 of these little guys as a gift, with no explanation about the thermochromic glaze. Imagine my delight when I first filled one with hot water and a beautiful red and yellow dragon slowly appeared! They have individual ceramic infusers that fit just inside the mug so the tea leaves have plenty of room to brew, and well-fitting lids that keep my tea nice and hot. Not dishwasher or microwave safe, but who cares! I love them, and have had friends purchase them whether they’re tea drinkers or not. (You know you really need one of these!)
Now, can you please tell me how to make a clickable link on Steepster? TIA

Just type the link normally and the forum fairies convert it for you. A great feature most forums don’t have.

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Angrboda said

Black, hands down. I enjoy the other, can even crave them now and then, but 9 out of 10 days, I gravitate towards black. I sometimes wish I could be more of an equal opportunity tea drinker, but black tea is just more interesting for me.

I feel the same way. I wish I appreciated the others as much as black.

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Black and Oolong and always Puerh

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Yellow is my favorite, but it isn’t the tea that I drink the most. In fact, it’s the one I drink the least, because a) it’s a bit pricy, and b) I feel that when I drink it too often, it becomes kind of ordinary, and I don’t want that. I want my favorite to be special.

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Nik select said

Mine isn’t actually tea: rooibos. It’s not the most popular among our Steepster family members, but I have loved its warm, woodsy, comforting fragrance and flavour since I first tried it in Suriname in 2009.

do you prefer red or green rooibos? I find red to be a bit…odd. But I always take a bottle of iced green rooibos (straight up, no sweeteners) when I’m going to do anything athletic. it makes the best sports drink!

Nik select said

Red. I’ve not yet had green, though, so that could change.

Definitely try it, it’s very different. I still don’t like straight red OR green rot, but flavoured (either type) are tasty. I keep a tin of the green around specifically for using as a sports drink, or when I’m sick and need to boost my electrolytes. The flavour resembles a green tea, or green mate, slightly grassy, but very mild, with a bit of natural sweetness.

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Zeks said

I’d say Black/Shu without preference to either of them.

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Oolong and Pu’erh. ooh, and Lapsang Souchong. There are soooo many subtle flavours in a good oolong or pu’erh, and no two teas are alike (plus, it’s impossible for me to make either bitter. I’ve tried, and no matter how long I let them steep I just can’t ruin a cup!). I find most blacks to be boring (i’m talking straight blacks), except for Lapsang Souchong. LOVE me some Lapsang!! Lapsang Souchong reminds me of old books, and makes me feel like curling up in a big arm chair and reading a book, like in the scene in Beauty and the Beast (the disney animated version) where Belle is reading to the Beast. Gives me warm fuzzies <3

I’m slowly starting to like white tea more than I used to, but I definitely prefer a light oolong over a cup of white tea. I’m still figruing out what I prefer as far as green teas go, and so far I’m liking Korean green better than Japanaese or Chinese.

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mrmopar said

pu-erh and then black.

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VeryPisces said

Green for sure. There are so many varieties! I even have a green Earl Grey that I like better than black Earl Grey.

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