Looking for input (& possibly participation) on Tea tasting workshop

Hi steepsters, lurker here, planning a tea tasting workshop at a summertime convention in the Southern New England area. Should I gather local volunteers willing to offer their time, knowledge & (loose) tea, or request various local tea retailers to send representatives? While I (Japanese) & my Taiwanese friend can supply somewhat, I feel an event such as this would benefit from a variety of tastes, approaches, and backgrounds. Have you ever run an event like this; any advice/recommendations/volunteers? I can probably acquire free attendance to the convention, but not accommodation. I’m torn over charging an additional fee for attendance: would that discourage potential lovers of tea? maybe donations?

etc etc. Really any advice will be helpful & thank you!

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Hi, I may not have read this correctly; anyhow, I am experienced in volunteering my time for events. I can stand in place and direct folks; it gets me out of the house and I can say I have this experience. It would be wonderful to be around tea vendors/merchants/tea connoisseurs etc. so if it is some place that I can get to with not much travel; by public transportation than I can get there. A fee must be minimal again I have no income. I review teas and I am not very good, it keeps me busy and at times from being depress; so a tea event would be nice. I could be ticket handler/gate keeper or just stand and point. Good luck.

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