Does this happen to anyone else?

Every time I try mixing a Pomegranate Green with an Oolong, the taste is absolutely disgusting and after steeping the brew smells like a really bad marijuana. Is there a rule of thumb of not to mix fruit with oolong, or green with oolong?

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I have several fruity oolongs that are just wonderful! I think you’re just combining two specific teas that don’t really mix. Or you’re making the water too hot for the green and burning it, making your poor oolong taste/smell burnt by association. Maybe try brewing them separately, and then mix the liquors?

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Wonks said

Well, I can help here because I’ve personally made this mistake. Before you mix them you must prepare the green tea leaves in the following steps.

1. Use a perfect teaspoon to make sure there’s exactly one spoonful of tea.

2. Put said spoonful into a very large bowl.

3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 until initial container is empty.

4. Allow it to firment for 4.5 hours (central time of course).

5. Empty bowl contents into a large trash can.

6. Drink that delicious virgin oolong.

HA! Yes! Love this! I wanted to be nice and not say it myself, but Oolong is not meant to be messed with! The ONLY oolong combination I like in an oolong/pu’erh blend by Davids Tea (The Skinny), but it’s perfectly balanced (in my opinion). Any other oolong combo i’ve experimented with has been awful.. I much prefer my oolong (flavoured or not) straight up, thank you very much.

Haha clever :P I like my fruity green too much, so I’ll just leave out the oolong

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I don’t get why it would be so important for you to want to blend the two. If a particular blend doesn’t work for you, just chalk it up to an unsuccessful blend and move on.

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Did I say it was so important for me to blend the two?

No. However, it was important enough for you to create a forum thread on it, rather than just add this to your tasting notes, so it caused me to wonder why it’s so important to you? That’s all.

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Lynxiebrat said

Lol sometimes it is fun to see if a blend would be successfull. Other times I’ve blended because 1 or both teas were kind of lacking and I wanted to at least try and enjoy what I had left of that tea. (Like Teavana’s Aztec Fire. No matter what I combined it with…just did not work.)

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