Flavoring Tea at Home

I have a plan to flavor some tea with vanilla bean pod: get vanilla bean, cut into little pieces w scissors into tea leaves, let sit a few weeks as outlined here:


(scroll down a bit :)

and I know about making your own chai with spices. Are there any other ways you know to make your own flavored tea at home? I ask because I have a few plain black teas that are not terrible, but are not the cat’s meow, and I’d like to spruce them up a bit :)

Oh wait! Putting chocolate chips into a tea! That’s one more idea!!

Do you have any more?!


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Cofftea said

Any herbal tea can be blended w/ true tea. I always have ginger and rose petals on hand. I also want to plant my own herb garden, especially w/ different kinds of mint. A friend gave me some orange mint from her garden and I want to plant chocolate mint as well.

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Cofftea – great idea!!! I have roses (or will have roses once the weather turns) and I can dry my own rose petals for tea. I know they are 100% organic :) I am also doing violets this year so I can candy them for cake decoration – I should try some dried in tea. I’m not the hugest fan of mint but I do grow spearmint for mojitos – will have to try that!

Cofftea said

Marigolds are edible too. Just google “edible flowers”.

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Cofftea said

I’ve never done it myself, but ROT has a blackberry sage tea so you could try sage. Another idea I have yet to try yet is rosemary. I never thought of that til I saw The Tea Farm’s Rosemary Tea.

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things i think go in tea;
chocolate chips, peanut butter chips
rasisins, apple chips, banana chips, any dried fruit really
coconut shavings
maple syrup
really anything in the baking isle!
just toss a little in and see what happens
orange peel, lemon peel

Cofftea said

My only hesitation w/ chips (chocolate, peanut butter, etc) is my questioning how they’d stand up to more than one infusion. Wouldn’t they melt in the 1st?

I wouldn’t use maple syrup as an additive before steeping as you’re talking about JacquelineM. I’d use it as an additive after decantation like you would any other sweetener. It IS a good idea though. Speaking of sweeteners, how about cinnamon sugar?

you are correct they melt away in the first infusion, but why not add more yourself if your making the blend? they add a cloudy appearance to the tea but i don’t mind.

have you ever had the hard maple candies? that’s sort of what i meant to add to the brewing.

well i’ve had tea with cinnamon in it and added sugar, but never specifically dumped in cinnamon sugar-i don’t see why it would be too different, yummy

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