olestea said

Online tea shops

Hi fellow tea drinkers!

I’m curios about your thoughts on buying tea online.

- What kind of teas do you buy online and why?
- How do you choose the tea/store?
- If don’t shop for tea online, why not?

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Lumpkin said

Our family changed from coffee to tea, and inadvertently saw a website on the Internet last month(UMITEASET). I feel that their tea is not bad, So i bought some black tea and tried it. It tastes good. I can share this store for you. https://www.umiteasets.com/tea-leaves.html

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One thing that is a dealbreaker for me when it comes to shopping for tea online is the sizing available. So many shops only offer their tea in large packages, around 100g/4 oz, and if they do, I immediately click off the site, no matter how good the tea sounds. I am a variety drinker and live in a single person household, and simply can’t go through that much of a single tea before flavor deterioration sets in. I must have 50g/2 oz sizing (or smaller) available, and ideally, I like those sites that make sampler sizes available so I can get a very small portion so I can try out a tea to see if I like it before buying a larger size portion at all, which is very helpful online when you aren’t in a physical shop and can’t smell the leaf or buy a cup to sample in person.

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