Tealux’s exclusive: White Chocolate with Matcha tea powder

Delicious, rich in antioxidants
White Belgian Chocolate with Matcha Green Tea Powder

Tealux’s exclusive White Chocolate with Matcha tea ChocolaTEA bars are a delicious, comforting blend of pure natural Matcha green tea powder, and the finest Belgian first grade white chocolate for the perfect sweet treat.

Completely natural and certified organic, our White Chocolate and Matcha powder ChocolaTEA is the perfect luxury for any time that you fancy a treat! With warming notes of vanilla and cocoa butter, the distinctive taste of top quality Belgian white chocolate is underlain with the complex tones of pure Matcha powdered tea. Plus, both Matcha and cocoa are rich in anti-oxidants and feel-good flavonoids, meaning that this chocolate bar is as healthful as it is delicious, and totally unique!

White chocolate offers a less bitter taste than milk or dark chocolate, and is smooth, creamy and melts in the mouth. The perfect treat for times when you deserve something a little special!

Shop now: http://www.tealux.ca/chocolatea_white_chocolate_w_matcha_tea

Another Tealux’s exclusive
ChocolaTEA: Milk Chocolate w/ Kashmiri Chai

Our Milk Chocolate and Kashmiri Chai ChocolaTEA bar is brand new and exclusive to Tealux – you won’t find it available to buy anywhere else!

A delicious and aromatic blend of the finest Belgian milk chocolate and Kashmiri Chai tea, this Milk Chocolate and Kashmiri Chai ChocolaTEA bar is rich in natural antioxidants and feel-good flavonoids to provide a real mood lift, while at the same time, tasting great.

A complex and exotic spicy aroma containing hints of almond and cinnamon overlie the classic taste of delicious milk chocolate, enhanced by the addition of genuine naturally sourced Kashmiri chai tea. Completely organic and sustainably farmed, this Milk Chocolate and Kashmiri Chai ChocolaTEA bar is good for you as well as great tasting. A delicious twist on regular milk chocolate, this ChocolaTEA bar is guaranteed to have you coming back for more!

Shop now: http://www.tealux.ca/chocolatea_milk_chocolate_w_kashmiri_chai

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