Would love your thoughts on some Tea inspired products!!

Keychains, shirts, posters, baby outfits, jewelery, ornaments…

We’re beginning to work on some tea products for our online shop. You can take a look at what we have thus far, and give us any feedback – much appreciated :) We’re pretty new to this, so we’d love honest (But please keep it polite, lol) feedback that we can grow from.

Also, we’d love to know if there’s anything in particular you may like to see. Any special tea quotes you like? A certain product you need/want? Or any Christmas ideas you’re looking for that maybe we can help create?

Here is a link to our shop so far. More products are currently in the making so feel free to check back to give more feedback or even purchase something you’d like!


Looking forward to any responses! :)

Thanks in advance,
The Cup of Life

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