New Weekly Special, and what do YOU want?

Good morning tea lovers! I’ve just updated the weekly special with a killer deal on my delicious keemun!

Also, I’d like to hear what you guys would be interested in from WPTC. Blends, specific varietals, teaware? What am I missing that you guys want? Keep in mind that I’ll never use any additives – so things like Earl Grey are out. Please, I would love some input!


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CupofTree said

Well you mentioned bolder teas are coming soon already so I guess asking for more black teas is redundant? Haha. Can never have enough black teas.

What I like most about Whispering Pines is the inspiration from nature that is clearly seen in the naming of certain teas and stories behind them. So I’d love to see more of that… Perhaps a “tree tea” line thats sustainably harvested from certain trees to make herbal blends from? Like how Juniper Ridge does it.. I am in love with them. Just an idea.

Oh and it would be awesome to find an artist who knows ceramics and painting to make pretty forest or pine tree mugs because I’d obviously be interested in those. Yeah.. this all sounds like a lot of work sorry. I should just start my own company… lol. Nature inspires me.

New black teas are here! :)

We’ve got the new Glen Arbor Breakfast – a much bolder version than previously offered and more fitting to my hometown, Glen Arbor. Assam is in, and Highland Ceylon isn’t super bold but punches a really flavorful and memorable brew. More are coming in the following months!

I love the idea that Juniper Ridge is going with. I’d love to incorporate that, but I’m going to have to put that off until I move back home. Watch for it, hopefully early next year. Moving time is entirely dependent upon tea sales at the moment, sadly. The reason I keep making these crazy sales is because I’m really in need of a much larger outreach. I’m currently planning the move for January. It’s kinda shooting for the stars but nobody ever gets anywhere shooting for the treetops. :)

I really like the ceramics idea! I’ve been working with someone recently on this. Not sure if it’ll ever happen, though. Same as before, the sales need a significant increase before I can make big changes like that.

Nature should inspire everyone. Too few people can stand at the edge of a forest and be overwhelmed with inspiration and REALLY see and FEEL the beauty of nature.

Believe me though, when I get back home – the nature-inspired blends are going to skyrocket. I’m excited to blend from fresh inspiration rather than homesick memories.

Thanks for the input!

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CupofTree said

I know, there aren’t enough people in this world who care about nature, it’s really unfortunate and makes me sad. That’s why I am studying forest ecosystems and forestry, to be involved with what’s going on and to figure out what I can do to protect what is left, and more. It would be incredible to study Redwood ecology. There’s so much I want to do and I must move first as well before these things can happen. I hope to be moving rather soon too, to the Pacific Northwest, the most magical place ever to me, soooo excited.

Anyway I love that you’ve thought of those ideas already and I’m glad to have found out about you from steepster. and oh yay you have Assam? My fav right now, must try that! Can’t wait to see what’s next and everything you come up with in the future :)

Nature is just magical, really. I’m currently working on my biology degree.

Yeah, lots of new stuff is in! Here’s the new teas: – assam and yunnan, bold and perfect

And I’m also trying to get the word out on the teaware. I use it all, so if you and any of your friends are in need of teaware, I HIGHLY recommend this stuff!

CupofTree said

Awesome Ill definitely have to try some of those!
And good luck on your biology degree!

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