Why do you LOVE Steepster?

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Sil select said

I really enjoy the people that I’ve come to know through their tasting notes as well as the exposure to many other companies and teas through discussions and notes. It is, as Liberteas says, “my facebook.”

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Lynxiebrat said

Like most people have said on here:) I like the community aspect, learning about the varied types of tea, culture, teaware.

The only downside would be is being to broke to get most of the delicious teas that I’ve seen mentioned!

And of course the enablers! curses! (Joking)

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I love this site because I’ve yet to get yelled at for not knowing something, or talked down to for being a bit of a noob. That’s pretty impressive by itself.

I first found this site at a rather unpleasant spot in my life, so logging on and reading other people obsessing about the one thing making me happy made me feel even better, and like I actually had something in common. I check the ratings and reviews on here before I pick up a new tea, I actually enjoy dropping my own 2 cents on new stuff I try out, and I now have my Holy Grail of tea to hunt for, thanks to this site.

Oh, and nobody has ever been rude to me ‘cause of my caffeine problems, in fact on one post someone responded and told me that they’d known someone with a similarly bad sensitivity like mine. That, goofy as it sounds, actually made me feel a heck of a lot better. I don’t post here much, usually I’m lurking and just marveling at the collective knowledge on tea around here, but whenever I do its nice to not have that “ohgodohgodohgod I’m an idiot someone will call me out on it” inkling.

Ya’ll are pretty awesome.

Babble said

Steepster is definitely the most welcoming and “nonexclusive” tea community around.

It’s definitely nice to be able to voice your opinion, talk about personal things and not be trolled for it.

Claire said

I love the welcoming aspect of Steepster too!

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Because everyone is SO nice and helpful!
Steepster has made me love tea even more.
Before I make a tea order, I always check out the reviews to see what all my Steepster pals thought of them or their adjustments in brewing times and temps.
I was welcomed with open arms here, there is no other website that I have been involved in that made me feel like I was immediately among friends.

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place to sample/trade new teas, and the research/exploration of the teas that are in the database. Not feeling alone in my love of tea.

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elrohir said

I had no idea this place existed until today! I’m already totally obsessed. Reviewing teas is absolutely brilliant! I’m a huge tea junkie (and I have become moreso lately thanks to my job) and it’s great to find a community of like-minded folks. :)

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