Two Tealux' exclusive teas are available now!!!

Pu-erh Japanese
Pu-Erh tea usually comes from China, which is just one of the many reasons why this rare and unusual Japanese Pu-Erh tea is really special. Previously only sold within Japan itself, Tealux is North America’s only importer of Japanese Pu-Erh tea, and you simply won’t find this rare tea treasure anywhere else outside of Japan.

Hailing from the Shizuoka Prefecture of Japan, this Pu-Erh is a blend of teas from the first and second flush harvests of 2012. A relatively new addition to the world of premium oriental teas having been formulated just three years ago, this Pu-Erh is already hugely popular within Japan thanks to its special qualities which aid in healthy dieting. Naturally occurring fat burning enzymes present in the tea, plus Pu-Erh’s naturally high anti-oxidant content, combine to offer superior digestive qualities and eminent drinkability.

This Japanese Pu-Erh is produced by fermenting the tea for five days in a pan with organic rice yeast, before a further helping of fresh virgin leaves are added to aid in oxidation. After two more days, this rare and unique tea is ready to go.

Japanese Pu-Erh has a very robust roasted oak-y taste, and is a good alternative to coffee with its bold and flavorful caffeine content.
Link to buy: http://www.tealux.ca/pu-erh_japanese

Tencha Mimoto Japanese
This organic Tencho Mimoto is another Tealux North America exclusive, available in very limited quantities and rarely found outside of Japan.

Handpicked Tencha is comprised of the ‘Mimoto’ parts of the leaf, being the heavier elements such as stems, heavily veined leaves and the mid ribs. These Mimoto parts are sifted out of the main harvest at the production stage, with the remaining lighter areas of the leaves ground into Macha tea. Mimoto tea is very nutritious and rich in theanine, producing a dark, rich loose leaf tea which is often the drink of choice for the growers themselves!

Organic Tencha Mimoto green leaf tea is produced at the only organic specialist Tencha plantation in Kyoto, Japan. Due to the high standards of production and the time investment required in handpicking and cultivation by skilled and experienced tea farmers, the yield of Tencha Mimoto remains small, and this tea is very rare and highly sought after, both in Japan and abroad.

Producing a very bright grassy yellow-green colour which is perfectly clear, the stimulating aroma and incomparably smooth, sweet and clean flavor palette of this tea is unmatched in both taste and aroma. Tencha is an easy tea to brew, performing well at a wide range of temperatures. As a very lightweight tea, you will need to add approximately twice as large a volume of leaves to your pot as you would for most other teas, to produce the perfect flavor strength. Definitely a must-try for all genuine green tea enthusiasts.
Link to buy: http://www.tealux.ca/tencha_mimoto_japanese

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