teajoteas said

How I stop a cold before it gets too far along - what works for you?

It’s that time of year. The kids are passing their colds back and forth to each other and of course, mom and dad are caught in the crossfire as well. We started taking Echinacea in liquid extract form at the onset of the symptoms. Let me tell you, it works! It’s not cheap my any means, but it’s worth not having to call in sick or just feeling miserable for 3-4 days. FYI – it does not taste good at all, which is why I put a few drops in my tea, preferably a citrus one to mask the flavor. Juice works well too. What about you?

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I used to get a tea from a brand that I think no longer exists :( called “Tea Dot Calm.” Has anyone else heard of that before? It was an excellent health tea that seriously worked wonders when sick. One cup, and I was healed!

Since I’m out and don’t know where to get more, I focus on green tea with honey in it. Yup, that’s all. I find it works well if you start drinking it in the very moment you realize that Hey I think I’m coming down with something. Also, I’m a bit spiritual and do yoga (great to the stretch the body , soul and mind). These seriously work for me, and I love having the option of healing my own body without being medicated. I drink Tart Cherry juice before bed to help me sleep too. :)

I have never tried Echinacea before. Thanks for the tip!

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Chai Tea!
It kicks a cold or flu right in the patooty!
It also helps if its too late and you are already sitting about with the sniffles and feeling nauseated.
I always keep some in my cupboard.
Another tea that is good for cold and flu is Ginger Tea.
This also is a regular staple in my tea cupboard.
Mint tea also helps with stomach type illnesses.

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cteresa said

Ginger tea. Echinacea is nice, but ginger tea is the stuff which seems to really help with the cold.

You can do your own ginger tea which is the most effective – peel some ginger root, grate it finely and add some boiling water. but if grate it finely, be careful the amount of ginger you use: I use a quantity of ginger like the tip of a finger for a liter of water (3, 4 cups) and that is more than strong enough for me. The first time i tried it used something like the size of my little finger very finely chopped for half a liter of water and OMG after trying it, getting a cold was the least of my worries. I think every bacteria in my airways died of shock and the virus all went on strike.

twinings makes a lemon and ginger tea which is a lot weaker but is much more convenient you are feeling ill – it´s a bit meh when I am not ill, but when I am ill I am very grateful for it.

I use ginger tea for the cold too. I add honey for some sweetness and also a bit of lemon juice for vitamin C.

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I drink a WAY over leafed cup/pot of peppermint tea. I also have Cold Relief & Throat Soother from Teaopia (I will be sad once these teas are gone) & Jinga Citrus Twist.

I find a combo of those work great. 3-4 mugs back to back & I am golden.

teajoteas said

Totally agree on Peppermint, especially for the throat. Having 1-2 cups tonight when I get home! By the way, we’re now carrying a pure peppermint herbal tea…check it out.


Fava Teas carries a really nice throat soother. It looks like the bottom of a gerbil cage but it tastes pretty good and it works. http://www.favatea.com/index.php?page=shop.product_details&flypage=flypage.tpl&product_id=202&category_id=6&option=com_virtuemart&Itemid=6 They also have an herbal called Cold Chaser which I haven’t tried. I am not a representative of the company, just a happy customer. :-)

Yeah, I just checked out the Cold Chaser. It looks like the ingredients are what people are recommending. http://www.favatea.com/index.php?page=shop.product_details&category_id=6&flypage=flypage.tpl&product_id=175&option=com_virtuemart&Itemid=6

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Claire said

I usually stock up on Traditional Medicinals Echinacea tea and some Gypsy Cold Care.

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I was suffering a couple of weeks back and my boyfriend is suffering this week. We recommend a cup of black tea with a spoonful of honey – lovely and soothing and really helps!

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mrmopar said

stash tea, triple ginseng works for me.

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