Teavana's unacceptable online service

I’m amazed at how bad of an experience it is trying to order a few teas online. Last Thursday (10/25) I opened an order and expected it to ship quickly. By Monday my order still had not shipped. I sent an email and learned Hurricane Sandy had caused some delays. That’s reasonable, so I asked for an ETA.

Two days pass, no email response. I send another email saying “I’m sorry, my order was time-sensitive. I understand the problems Sandy has caused, but can you please cancel my order since it hasn’t been processed yet?”

Another day passes. I send another email. Then another. Then another. Then another.

Here we are, over a week later, I long ago reordered teas and tins from Adagio and am more than happy with their service, and they were very open about communicating with me through Sandy and when I could expect my order, and still getting it out of their NJ warehouse in a reasonable time. I appreciated that.

Still no response from Teavana, and SEVEN emails and an unanswered phone call.

My order just shipped, a week and a half later. I guess when it arrives I’ll just take it to a location and return it all.

I’m honestly pretty appalled how badly a company can treat its customers.

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darby select said

Oddly enough I had the same problem this past week. I’m guess Sandy really messed things up. I order online from them ALL the time and never have a problem with tracking and such.

I had a notice of shipment but when I went to UPS it said the number didn’t exist. Only when I finally checked it Thursday night did it exist and say delivery for Friday. I was so shocked because I thought the shipment had been created but it was never sent!

They did ship the order out in the normal 2 days or so though.

I’m not sure they’ll let you just return in the store because with the tea they don’t allow returns. Other items you shouldn’t have a problem, but be prepared that they might only offer store credit.

You’d probably have better luck calling during business hours to get it cancelled OR when it arrives – declining the package altogether.

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They should allow tea returns – it’s a part of their satisfaction guarantee, according to their website. Just need to return your unused amount within 90 days with receipt.

Really, I’m just upset of the lack of communication. It isn’t hard at all to send out a mass email to your customers noting the delays that Sandy has caused, and that the orders will be shipped out when able. In my case, it took 2 emails to find that out. And then I never once got another response or return call from them.

This is my first experience ordering online from them.

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Babble said

That sucks you had such problems. I ordered from them the week before and order to ship time was about two days without hassle. I agree an e-mail would have been better.

You should be able to return anything – tea or hardware – to the store without problems. Although I’d still try to contact headquarters to see if they can offer something else.

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I had the same issue and this was my first time ordering from them online. my order showed shipped on the same day. However, I was able to cancel it a couple of days after I placed my order without any issue (except the “hold” on my credit card is still showing" I wish they had communicated more I may not have cancelled my order from them. Another issue I had was I went to the Canadian site only to find out I was ordering from the US site in US funds. It does not state that anywhere.

Dustin said

So how do you find out if you are looking at the Canadian or US site? I went online recently, looked at their new teas and took notes on what I wanted to check out when in a store. Five out of nine teas they did not have in the store and the teaologist (or what ever they call their staff) had not hear of the teas I was talking about and suggested I was looking at the CA site. I’m a little frustrated that I can’t at least smell those teas before purchasing, some of them aren’t even in stock online and that they don’t have samples you can order online.

Add in that they have discontinued three of teas I loved and will eventually do the same with any other tea I end up loving and that their staff is obnoxiously persistent in stores and you have a ton of Teavanna woes. Sigh.

Anyone know if they have ever brought back discontinued teas or if they give warning of discontinuation if you sign up for email notices?

darby select said

There are about 15 teas (I think that’s the number) that are from the buyout of Teaopia in Canada. They have made them online exclusives. Kind of like how David’s Tea does.

I’ve been buying from them for 2 years and never had one brought back.

When I order from a tea company based in the States, I always assume I will be paying American funds. I’d be really surprised if I didn’t have to deal with a price conversion.

Also, to the best of my knowledge: Teavana kept the top 20 teas from the Canadian company Teaopia they bought, but those are online exclusives EXCEPT in Canadian locations which were originally Teaopia stores. Those few locations will carry those teas in-store. Teavana also has a few teas of their own that are online exclusives (unflavoured rooibos, for example).

Earlier this year, someone posted a link to a page on their site which listed which teas would be discontinued this year. I’m guessing they do that every year? Those teas get pulled from the store when new teas come in, and then go on sale on Boxing Day.

Also, to the OP: if you return it in-store, there IS a way of returning online orders through the POS in-store, but beware that this is the season to have lots of new hires. I would call ahead and be sure that there will be a member of management there who is clear on how to process that return.

momo said

Around August is when they announce what they will discontinue and they put on their blog which ones are going away.

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@daniel Scott very true I guess I never thought about it that way. However when I go to the Teavana website I usually go to the .ca site for the Canadian version. I didn’t realize that when you go to shop you are then redirected to the US site.

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Dustin said

Just googled Teaopia to see if I could figure out which teas were theirs and saw Teavanna’s Canadian site offering 20% off orders with code 20OFFNOW. I wonder if that will work on the US site too.

I think their promos are different in the states. Haven’t tried, though. I do have a $5 off $35 coupon.

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