Cub said

Looking for THE perfect earl grey! What's your favorite?

I’m looking for one that has a nice strong, prominent bergamot that isn’t so creamy. Know of one?

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I like Supreme Earl Grey from Harney and Sons!


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Sorry, I love all the creamy ones! :D

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K S said

I too like a prominent bergamot that does not overpower the tea base. For me, Harney & Sons goes too light on the bergamot – excellent tea base though. I tried one from Utopia that had a nice healthy does of bergamot over a lightly smoked base. It impressed me enough to mention.

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Alphakitty said

English Tea Store’s Earl Grey Green has the strongest bergamot flavor I’ve encountered. Of course it’s a green base, so I’m not sure if that is what you are looking for. I’ve also heard really good things about Earl Grey Excelsior from Tealicious.

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Lynxiebrat said

I’ve been thinking of trying a EG Green base. If I like it, I plan on getting my Dad to try it and take a box to work, he’s been complaining that mid afternoon he’s been feeling sleepy and having a hard time concentrating. For most people a 20 minute nap works, but not for either of us, just makes us both more lethargic. So I hoping that something with alittle caffeine would work, and I’ve been trying to get him to cut out pop from his diet, which is what he does now to try and keep alert. But anyways…my Dad loves EG more then I do, and I’d like him to be more interested in tea, (Partially so he doesn’t nag me about my tea collection.)

My favorite EG is a Earl Grey Creme de La Creme, as I find the normal ones to be just a little 2 intense on the bergamot.

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Here are my favorite ones:

1. Earl Grey Excelsior from Tealicious Tea Company
2. Earl Grey from Lupicia (Just the Earl Grey. Not Earl Grey Breakfast)
3. Lord Bergamot from Steven Smith Teamaker
4. Earl Grey from Fusion Teas
5. Earl Grey from thepuriTea

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Dinosara said

Earl Grey is one of my favorite teas, and I have tried a lot of them looking for the perfect Earl. I am also pretty picky about my Earls, and I want a lot of bergamot in the flavor. I will echo K S and say if you want a strongly bergamotted Earl, don’t go for Harney. In my opinion the bergamot is barely there.

My favorite at this point is the Earl Grey from Lupicia. Very well done bergamot, though I do find it a bit creamy. For strong bergamot without the creaminess I strongly suggest you try out Todd & Holland’s Earl Grey Double Bergamot. Also one of my favorites. They have a triple bergamot if that’s not enough for you! But it is deliciously strong.

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might not be strong enough for you, but I really enjoy DAVIDs Tea’s Earl Grey Oolong!

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teataku said

I love Twinings, if you can get it in loose leaf form. I’m not a really big Earl Grey drinker, but so far that’s my favorite one.

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Earl Grey cream, either the Upton one or Adagio (I think it’s called Earl Grey Moonlight) are my favorites!

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